Get Affordable and Reliable Business VoIP Solutions With JustVoip Communications

The telecommunications system is perhaps the most important part of a modern business. Every business will need to have reliable telephone smart business systems that provide a wealth of features that make the consumer experience enjoyable. Additionally, the business will want to have features that connect employees to their supervisors and department workers to department heads. A business VoIP system is an affordable and highly efficient smart business system for a business of any size. Business VoIP uses Internet technology to supply communications to a business entity instead of the classic business phone systems. Just VoIP is one of Canada’s leading Business VoIP telephone providers. An organization can look to its many offerings to find a reliable unlimited home or unlimited business plan. 

The Benefits of Using Just VoIP

Business owners have many reasons to use Just VoIP besides its ultimate packages. Ease of use is the first benefit that comes to mind with Just VoIP. The system works with an adaptor. The adaptor connects to an existing Internet modem, and the installation is super easy. In fact, the business owner will not have to schedule a special appointment of any kind. The unit comes with a phone number already set to it, and workers can start making unlimited business calls immediately. 

Another benefit that Just VoIP’s smart business service or unlimited business service provides is free long distance to anywhere in the world. All the customer has to do is bring the Just VoIP adapter wherever he or she has access to an Internet connection, and the free long distance will be available for use. 

Perhaps the best part of Just VoIP’s unlimited ultimate smart business service is that a customer can move his or her phone number at any time. All the person has to do is bring the adaptor along to any residence in the world. 

Finally, the Just VoIP unlimited home and unlimited business plans can save a company more than 60 percent off its regular phone bill. The savings are significant enough to cause any business owner to think twice. 

Available Business VoIP Features

One thing that a business owner will be eager to receive from Just VoIP is its arsenal of calling plan features. Each of the calling plans provide the caller with 11 features that they can use for various tasks. Call hold can be quite useful for sales reps or customer service representatives. Call hold is a feature that puts one call on hold while the person tends to another call. The caller can activate the feature by pressing the FLASH button the phone. The FLASH button will hold or unhold the call. 

Caller ID block is a feature that a caller can use to mask the caller ID before making a call. To activate this service, the caller will need to dial *67 before dialing the full number. Caller ID display is an option that allows the call receiver to see who is calling so that person can make an informed decision about answering the phone. 

Call Waiting is an effective business feature that allows a second call to come in while a person is engaged in another call. There is no process that the caller needs to do to activate call waiting, as it comes with the service. However, the caller will have to press the FLASH button on the phone to answer a call after hearing the call waiting prompt, which is two beeps. 

Call Forwarding is a feature that allows the business to route the calls to a different telephone number. Three types of call forwarding exist: always, on-busy and no-answer. Always is an obvious call forwarding technique that reroutes all calls. The caller will need to press *72 to activate it. The no-answer call forwarding option handles calls in which the business associate does not answer. A *92 is required to activate that feature. The on-busy option sends calls to another number when the line is busy. 

Three way calling is a necessary feature for conference calling. The feature allows two or more people to be engaged in a conversation at the same time. Three-way calling can be quite effective for brief coaching sessions, sales meetings and the like. 

The company offers additional features that a new customer can enjoy such as voicemail, 911 dialing, toll free number, virtual number, unlimited cell phone calls, voice to email and the like. Unlimited smart phone calls may be useful for a business that has several people who work out in the field. Many workers have smart phone devices, so the new feature can be of great service to a business. The smart phone options can bring ease to many workers. 

Plans That Just VoIP Offers

Just VoIP offers several smart phone and home phone plans the businesses can enjoy. The Smart Home plan offers one phone line with unlimited local telephone calls. The price for the plan is $13.99 per month. The company offers the Smart Home plan free for the first month. 

The Unlimited Home Contract plan provides the customer with a bit more than the other plan does. The customer receives unlimited calls to Canada and the U.S., free calling to Puerto Rico and free calling to Asia. The price for the plan is $19.99. The Unlimited Home plan offers the same features as the contract plan, but it does not require a contract. The monthly price is $24.99. 

The Ultimate and Unlimited Ultimate plans are plans that come with ADSL 6.0 Mbps Internet service, and one phone line. The Ultimate plan is $39.99, and it offers the least amount of features. The Unlimited Ultimate plan is $49.99 per month and it offers two more features than the Ultimate plan does. The Unlimited Ultimate plan is for users who want to call Europe and Asia for free.

Just VoIP offers an array of home plans and small business plans. The company has something to offer for everyone who needs a reliable VoIP system. Customers agree that Just VoIP has a high quality standard and offers its customers a high level of support. An interested business owner can try the services that the company has to offer without worrying about the risks. Each of three plans has a free 30-day trial. A dissatisfied customer does not have to continue with the service. Many new customers will go on to have a long-lasting relationship with the company, however.