Get Affordable International Calling with Call2Friends Residential Voip Service

Many consumers would like to know how they can find an international calling plan that saves them money. They would like to know of a surefire residential VoIP or business VoIP service that they can easily use to call friends, family members, acquaintances, business associates and the like. Call2Friends is an innovative new international calling VoIP service that can satisfy business and residential VoIP customers of all kinds. The site makes it possible for people to make phone calls from their Internet browsers. Many benefits exist to using the Call2Friends program for personal or business VoIP needs. 

Easy to Use On-Screen Virtual Telephone

The Call2Friends application has an eye-friendly virtual telephone in the middle of the page so that visitors can easily dial the numbers of their desired destinations. To use the virtual telephone, the user will want to click on the country code and then enter the full phone number. To initiate the call the person will want to click the little green phone icon. The computer system will automatically dial the number and try to make a connection with the person on the receiving end. Making free calls using residential VoIP services is just that easy. 

Communications on the Go

A business owner can use Call2Friends from the comforts of a home, office and many other settings. The user will just want to have a solid Internet connection. An Internet connection can be obtained using Wi-Fi, broadband stick, cell phone connection and more. The Call2Friends site is an excellent communications tool to use during business trips and vacations. Customers claim that the prices for the program are better than those of Skype, which is one of the most popular communications programs in the industry. 

Daily Limited Free Internet Phone Calls

Each user will have a limited number of free call minutes that he or she can use on a daily basis. For example, a client can speak to someone in Algeria or Australia for 60 seconds. The person can speak with someone in Austria for up to 120 seconds for free. The service offers these free calls to a wealth of countries, including places such as Zambia, Turkey and the Netherlands. Other countries on the list have varied rates that the customer will have to pay to make a connection. France, the United Kingdom, the United States and Bangladesh are some popular locations that customers call. 

Calls to the United States cost approximately $0.012 per minute. A customer can receive 416 minutes for $5 and as much as 832 minutes for $10. The price for calls to the United Kingdom are $.0005 per minute. A frequent talker can speak for 2,000 minutes with a $10 contribution to the site. Calls to Pakistan are a bit on the expensive side. A person would have to pay $.1117 per minute to speak with a friend or family member who is in Pakistan. The caller could receive up to 42 minutes of talk for $5. 

Text Messaging to Friends and Family Members

International calling is not the only benefit that users of Calls2Friends will receive. Users can also enjoy a limited number of text messages to friends and family members. The site offers access to text messaging as well as some helpful information about other sites that offer text messaging. Visitors can use the resources on the website to send text messages to their closest friends and family members. If text messaging is not the person’s style, then he or she will want to use the international calling features. 

SIP Gateway for Convenience

Customers are not limited to using the program only on their desktop units. Instead, they can use SIP gateway so that they can access the program from their smartphones, tablets, VoIP phones and the like. Signing up to use the service through SIP gateway is easy. The person will click “join today” to create an account. The system will send that person two numbers that he or she can use through SIP gateway. One number will be for username, and one will be for the password. The customer can use such information while he or she is using a softphone. 

Making a Call

A customer can use Call2Friends to make a phone call using several methods. The easiest method is to use the virtual dialer on the front page. The person could also use a PBX system, SIP application, PC or MAC SIP phone operator. The person will have to put the plus sign and the country code into the application and then type in the full telephone number. The flash system will then dial the person’s telephone number. The customer will have the opportunity to change settings such as the microphone settings. 

Why People Love Call2Friends

People love the Call2Friends site because of the free calls that it gives them every day. One could make good use of the program for business or personal connections. The site does not charge a connection fee for the calls. Therefore, the user will only spend what he or she needs to spend on the minutes that person is on the telephone. 
Another reason that people love Call2Friends is the refund policy. The company promises to return the funds from unused minutes so long as the account holder makes the request. Additionally, the site will only use the customer’s information for certain tasks such as collection survey information. It will not sell or abuse consumer information. 

Computer users only need an Internet connection and a microphone to make use of all the benefits that Call2Friends offers. The service will provide a high-quality connection to the desired party in any part of the world. VoIP is becoming more competitive lately will all of its innovations. More customers are starting to turn to residential VoIP services and business VoIP services because they are inexpensive. VoIP services can sometimes cut down a person’s household expenses more than 50 percent. Interested parties can try the program today to reap its many benefits.