Google Hangouts Incorporates VoIP

Google Hangouts

In 2011 Google launched Google Plus which created a social network for Google users. A few years later in 2013 Google developed Google Hangouts which collated the perks from G Talk and G+ Messenger into a singular service that allowed users to video conference and instant message. Google Hangouts has since grown to have new features like file exchanging, advanced texting, the ability to screen share and have up to 10 callers on one hangout.

Now, Google is looking to integrate Google Hangouts with Google Voice to form a singular, seamless user experience.

VoIP & Google Voice

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and it provides millions of people across the globe with the advanced technology that allows users to make phone calls over the Internet. Using a cloud-based data and storage system, VoIP enables fast and easy calling while saving companies and individuals tons of money on monthly phone bills. Clients not only receive cheaper prices and higher sound quality when switching to VoIP, but VoIP providers also give a set of features that come standard with the service, unlike with traditional phones. Some of these features include: unlimited calling, free or international calls, fast adding extensions that allow you to plug and play to any Ethernet port, IP phones, call forwarding and screening, and free calls to other users on the same provider.

These benefits of VoIP over traditional phones providers have led companies to incorporate VoIP into their services. Google Voice uses VoIP to let Google social network users to maximize their calls and communications. Google Voice uses VoIP lines to let users manage all phones and devices. Google Voice gives customers one number for all phones; no matter how many different phones or devices you have, they will all be set to your one number. When someone calls, Google Voice lets you decide which phones ring based on who’s calling.

Integrating Hangouts & Voice

Google users have noticed one thing lacking with Google services is fragmentation. With inefficient storage space and having to switch between services and navigation systems is a deterrent to those who can get the whole package with their mobile phone provider. But with the single stand-alone service, combining Google Hangouts and Google Voice would let users cut down on their network carrier’s voice plans and use Google as the sole source of their telecommuting.

Thanks to the ever-advancing VoIP market, VoIP services are enabling people all over the world to use communication systems that run more smoothly and more securely while also providing people with more cost efficient services.