Google Talk, Twitter, and Azure Outages: Bad news comes in threes?

Earlier today Google Talk, Twitter, and Microsoft's Windows Azure all experienced outages of a few hours. All services are up and running smoothly now, but a large amount of users were affected by each service outage.

Google Talk, the popular IM and video chat service, went out in the early hours of the morning for West Coasters, but was right around the time many East Coast employees were getting into work. Google quickly began logging the issue and its status on the App Status Dashboard. The issue was fairly widespread and affected a majority of users according to the updates, but services were restored by around 8:30 a.m EST, and 12:30 p.m. PST.

In what seemed like orchestrated timing, Twitter experienced its own outage towards the end of Google Talk's downtime. But, it was only down for roughly 45 minutes before services were restored.

While Google didn't mention the cause of their outage, Twitter's Vice President of Engineering Mazen Rawashdeh wrote a light-hearted and comical post apologizing for the outage and explaining there was an "infrastructural double whammy." Both their primary and backup systems in a data center failed at the same time.

Finally, Microsoft's Windows Azure, a cloud platform for hosting web applications, was also down in the Western Europe region this morning for around 2.5 hours.

The issue was noted on the Service Dashboard, but nothing currently shows up about the downtime. Similar to Google Talk, service was restored as soon as possible and without much explanation. Yet, Microsoft did invite customers to contact them with any questions about the disruption.

Does anyone know if Twitter is cloud based? It seems to be, Google Talk is, and Azure is a cloud platform, so this would make today a very large hiccup in cloud computing's nascent timeline.