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Every business owner knows that their phone system is important. There is no way around it. However, the majority of mid to small-sized businesses are hanging onto their systems frequently hoping that it will not crash at the worst time possible. The reality is Public Switched Telephone Network Systems are more expensive.

What is worse is that they are not nearly as effective or productive as the alternatives. Upgrading their phone system is not something that every business usually looks forward to. However, with today’s technology, it should be viewed as a huge opportunity. A business VoIP phone system will add great position and value for any business' long-term growth. 

The Statistics Do Not Lie

Businesses can no longer ignore the importance of obtaining the services that Voip providers such as can provide. According to the latest research, 79 percent of clients who have a negative experience with a business told other people about it. What is worse is that 89 percent of them start doing business with a competitor after a poor customer experience. 

Aside from that, in 2020, clients will manage 85 percent of the relationship with a company without interacting with a human. This just shows that a business VoIP system has a vital role in retaining customers, and people know that, without a good number of clients, a company cannot grow and survive in a world of dog-eat-dog competition.

A Unique Technology

• Call Reporting

There are a number of ways that the many features of CallFire can benefit a business whether they are a medium-sized company that is keen to maintain an edge or a solo entrepreneur with a new start up. One of these is call reporting. Managers and business owners have online access to call details and reporting that enables them to know what is happening in their company all the time.

This business VoIP phone system feature also provides the ability to determine the number of phones that are connected along with knowledge of who is making the calls and how long prospects are on the phone with their team members. 

This gives valuable insight to make sure that their marketing personnel are performing their job. Aside from that, it gives them the ability to make modifications on the fly to increase ROI. It also helps them to determine what changes in scripts may need to be made and assess employee performance.

Voicemail to Text

The voicemail to text feature is another feature found in a VoIP phone system from CallFire that can help people grow their business. With many people laser focused on increasing productivity and eliminating distractions, this feature enables them to receive valuable messages while sorting out the junk on the fly as well as better empowering subordinates to filter messages.

• Conference Bridges

Utilizing this CallFire business Voip phone system feature enables companies to organize conference calls faster than even before no matter where the participants are. It also enables professional reminder calls along with the ability to push out emails with pin numbers to any number of attendees to ensure maximum participation.

• Intelligent Call Queues

VoIP providers such as also have intelligent call queues included in their business voip phone systems along with advanced routing to help companies increase their efficiency levels. This enables them to provide better customer service and can assist in increasing profit margins. 

This also helps companies be able to route calls based on the time of day, skills and percentage of calls. This is done to make sure that no single call goes unanswered. Aside from that, this feature provides emergency routing to ensure business continuity even in the worst disasters.

• Call Recording

The call recording feature that can be found with any business VoIP phone system from can act as a valuable defense against malicious lawsuits. It also enables business managers to better evaluate and assess employee performance, processes, pricing and tweak scripting in addition to providing a great training tool.

• On-Hold Messages

Rather than being restricted to irritating on–hold music, VoIP systems from CallFire make it easy for any business to customize targeted on-hold messages that can upsell for them and tremendously increase per-client revenue automatically.

• Record Conference Calls also gives businesses the ability to record conference calls. With this feature, companies can fill in those who are not available when the call is made. It also helps them convert these calls into webinars for sales and marketing. Companies are also given the capability to turn them into podcasts or create transcripts that can be converted into all types of text content from articles to blogs for driving web traffic and improving SEO.

• Auto Attendants

Another way that VoIP providers can help a company grow is that their systems have auto attendants. This helps companies save on extra personnel while funneling callers to the best equipped customer service representatives to handle their needs efficiently and quickly.

• Smartphone Apps

Using a business VoIP phone system along with a robust Android and iPhone app helps companies increase their privacy and mobility. They can use their app to make calls on the go utilizing their business phone number. It also enables an employee to take calls while they are out of the office without giving their personal number.

• The Callback Feature

Another feature that VoIP providers provide their clients is the callback system. Every company is provided with a call back number that collects the caller's phone number so that they can be called back later. This enables customers to void waiting for a customer representative for a very long time. 

It also helps improve business operations as it gives clients a cheap way to contact them. Because a business will be contacting them, they will be free from excess calling costs. This is useful for a company whose group of customers can only receive incoming calls. 

Aside from that, CallFire’s call back feature takes pressure off of employees. They may feel rushed on the phone with a current client when they see their call queue growing. With this feature, they can call their clients back after they are done assisting their current customer.

Other Advantages

Aside from giving a business a number of advantages, these systems come with a number of benefits. One of them is that a business VoIP system is easy to use and set up. The internet control panel is designed for simplicity, and businesses can access the different features from one intuitive web console.

What is even better is that they do not need the help of an IT professional to make routine changes to the system. It also helps cut their monthly phone bills as numerous VoIP providers offer them exceptionally low monthly rates for billing in Canada and the U.S. Additionally, both data traffic and telephone signals travel on one line, so people do not have to spend extra money on multiple connections.

The Bottom Line

VoIP offers an affordable and exciting way for companies to upgrade their phone systems. It does not just boost productivity and efficiency by streamlining different communication tools. It also gives a business owner the freedom to focus on what matters most.