Location Matters with Hosted VoIP Providers

That old saying, 'It's all about location', is true for a lot of things in life. VoIP telecommunication systems are no exception to the rule. Location plays an important role in how fast signals travel from point A to point B. Typically, the quality of the phone call is dependent on the proximity of a VoIP hosting provider to the actual location of the data center. Data centers act as hubs, exchanging traffic from various different regions. The fewer hubs a telecommunication signal has to jump through the faster the connection will be made and the clearer the call will be.

Network Capabilities

Call efficiency is dependent on the IP network in which the VoIP hosting provider is connected. Each application has a different set of requirements. LAN networks (local area networks) should be in close proximity to a data center but with enough scalability to accommodate future bandwidth needs. Of course, call quality and speed can also be attributed to the performance of a dedicated server, the machine responsible for processing all the data that comes through the data center switchgear.

Dedicated Server Speed

The best VoIP hosting providers have access to VoIP software providers and will typically include such offerings with a dedicated server rental. Dedicated VoIP servers will be faster than a shared server simply because you aren't sharing bandwidth with multiple clients. One advantage to faster server speed is the ability to route a large volume of calls to anywhere in the world with as little latency as possible. But coming back to the issue of data center location; it is still an important area to stress for any organization considering a hosted VoIP Provider.

Data Center Location and Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is a touchy subject that most of us don't care to discuss; yet it too plays an important role where your telecom needs are concerned. In that unfortunate circumstance where a natural disaster brings down all forms of communication, it's best to be in close proximity to the data center that routes you VoIP calls. In such a case, the VoIP hosting provider will re-route dropped connections to an alternate location within the same region. Remember, downtime will adversely affect dedicated VoIP servers, as it will be housed within a data center. The less time it takes the hosting provider to get you back online and re-route your connections the sooner you'll be able to continue business as usual.

This post was written by James Mulvey, a blog director AT Colocation America, a leading provider of data center services including dedicated VoIP Servers.