Net2Phone's Business VoIP Solutions Can Enhance the Quality of Any Business

Net2Phone is a leader in low cost calling. The company offers one of the most diversified, high quality SIP Trunking solutions on the market. Scalable to suit the communications requirements of any enterprise regardless of size, location, or internal support, Net2Phone provides the essential solution to reduce telecom costs and increase operational efficiency.

Net2Phone’s voice-over IP business customers have the option of extending private branch exchange (PBX) operations across an entire network of sites, users, and partners. The cost of routing of calls across PBX networks is also at a fraction of the cost of other carriers.

The company is compatible with a range of SIP-based IP PBX operators, offering SIP Trunking across those networks. SIP Trunking services support voice-over internet protocol business communications customers with no additional requirement of hardware investment. Configuration of voice-over internet protocol solutions for PBX is simple. Subscribers can simply integrate the service with their  existing PBX system. 

VoIP Enterprise Solutions

Net2Phone offers three different VoIP enterprise solutions for business customers: 1) Call Center Solutions; 2) Small Business and Enterprise Solutions; and 3) Hospitality Industry Solutions. Voice-over IP Calling Solutions are designed to meet the demands of enterprise growth in business communications.

Call Center Solutions

SIP Trunking makes it easy for a business to expand its call center capacity without the hassle and additional costs of traditional communications systems installation. VoIP call center services increase the proficiency of agent productivity. 

Companies can significantly reduce operating costs connected to phone and internet communications, as well as deliver the best possible response to customers via unified communications. With voice-over internet protocol services, flexibility in enterprise systems supports means that companies can change communications operations according to the demands of a current cycle. 

SIP Trunking services offer B2C subscribers a whole host of next gen services without the additional costs and installation delays of updates to traditional communications infrastructure. Voice-over IP systems for call center PBX is the next wave in unified communications for enterprise. Maximize communications potential with voice-over internet protocol services with SIP Trunking. Advance PBX operations management of volume inbound and outbound calls at no additional cost. 

Advanced Call Center Features
• Scalability for PBX 
• Unlimited concurrent calling
• Daily CDR reporting

Call Center Plan Pricing
• No per channel fees
• Pay-per-use pricing
• No recurring monthly fees 


Small Business and Enterprise Solutions

The introduction of cloud-based voice-over IP business communications solutions platforms has made unified communications networks possible. Cloud voice-over IP enables enterprise owners to reduce costs associated with installation and replacement of traditional phone lines. With Net2Phone’s cloud-based voice-over IP business solutions, subscribers can merge voice and data files in one location. Transmission of voice and other communications record via a single IP circuit means that companies have total control over their data. 

Advanced Business VoIP Solutions
• Localization for 50+ countries 
• Central PBX administration of data
• Regional proxies 
• Global compatibility with major gateways 
• IP authentication and digest support
• Standard CODECS 
• Mobile "Follow Me" VoIP 
• SIP endpoint compliance 
• Remote connectivity 
Business VoIP Plan Pricing
• No recurring monthly fees 
• No per channel fee
• Pay-per-use pricing


Hospitality Industry Voice Solutions

Subscription to Net2Phone’s Hospitality Industry voice-over IP solution by hotels offers guests the convenience of direct international calling. With hospitality industry voice-over IP services, subscriber clients are able to call directly from a hotel lobby, hotel room, or via their own mobile phone. 

Hospitality industry communications supported by turn-key voice-over IP solution improves calling for hotels seeking flexible service options and scalability. . The cutting edge solution found in voice-over IP allows hotels to configure existing PBX without adding any additional complexity or expense and use VoIP for volume concurrent calling systems. Hotel subscribers can switch to voice-over IP, and obtain discounts on low cost, high quality B2C communications solutions accessible anywhere from any phone.

Hospitality Solution Features
• Partner branded calling card for use during stay, and while at home or abroad 
• Branded Mobile APP
• Lobby calling (i.e. prepaid phone booth)
• In-Room Calling services 
• International virtual phone numbers
• Auto recharging
• Competitive pay-per-use pricing


The Future of Enterprise is found in VoIP Business Solutions

Enterprises around the world are signing up for Net2Phone voice-over IP business solutions. Business owners understand that seamless communications begin with top quality service provision. The company offers B2C subscribers the ultimate solution in VoIP, a unified communications infrastructure that works. 

Voice-over internet protocol services offer unlimited direct phone number assignment to designated users in a subscriber network. Moreover, Net2Phone is risk-free. Subscribers  are not held to long-term contracts, monthly fees, or restrictions on international calls. Manage enterprise communications with voice-over IP solutions. Organizations that go global use voice-over IP business solutions. 

For more information about Net2Phone VoIP business solutionsper minute rates, phone number availability, and advanced communications features, contact the sales desk at Account holders with inquires about existing service can reach Net2Phone via their account support team at