Provider in the Spotlight: DID for Sale

DID for Sale is a top quality VoIP provider based out of California. They are a subsidiary of Bing Consulting, LLC, and as their name suggests, they specialize in DID (Direct Inward Dialing). A DID phone number essentially connects your office VoIP system to the PSTN so you can take calls from and send calls to numbers carried by traditional providers.

What’s a DID? Why Would I Want One?

When you buy your DID number directly through a provider like DID for Sale, you are essentially buying your connectivity to the outside world. This means that you are responsible for managing your office PBX (private branch exchange, the switchboard by which all of your office extensions are connected to each other and the external lines), and getting it set up with your DIDs.

By buying individual DIDs for your SIP trunk, you can avoid having to pay for unlimited outbound calling for each of your office extensions (as you would with a hosted PBX). Each of your employees gets an office extension, but you only buy as many DIDs as you will need for your outbound calling. So if you have 100 employees, each with their own extension, but you only expect ten outbound or inbound calls at a time, you could pay for 10 DIDs instead of 100 separate phone lines.

What Else Does DID for Sale Have?

DID for Sale also offers other special services, but DIDs are their claim to fame. Their other services include:

  • Toll Free Numbers: Also called an 800 number, you can buy a special toll free number so your customers don’t have to worry about paying a fee when they want to call you.
  • Termination: Termination refers to your ability to receive a call. That is, you are the terminating party. DID for Sale provides termination and origination, so you can send and receive calls.
  • Hosted PBX and Colocation Service: Hosted VoIP means you depend on your provider’s colocation center for all of your calling functionality. All of your PBX software “lives” on their server. Some providers offer totally hosted PBXs in which the provider takes care of everything, or colocation, in which you pay for hosting at the data center, but you do much of the maintenance and repair, through a provider like DID for Sale would offer technical support for configuration of your PBX at their center.
  • VoIP Calling Cards: Design your own calling cards for your business. They work just like old calling cards (you dial a number on the card and make your long distance or international calls through it) but they depend on VoIP systems.
  • SIP Trunking: Buy connectivity for your in-house IP PBX. DID for Sale offers SIP trunking service for most IP PBXs and softswitches.

What Makes DID for Sale Special?

DID for Sale approaches business telecom solutions with a special level of concern and consideration for the business customer. They are particularly interested in making sure that you get the exact solution you want, which means you can choose between SIP and hosting solutions with various levels of involvement from your provider. That is, you could buy a DID and do most of the work of setup and maintenance yourself, you could buy a hosted system and leave everything to your provider, or you could buy colocation from your provider, and attend to your own PBX while they maintain the server and the colocation center.

DID for Sale also offers phone numbers in lots of locations with a particularly great amount of variety. With DID for Sale, you can get phone numbers in every state in the US, as well as in Canada and the UK. This means you can maximize your coverage and appeal to customers in lots of areas by buying phone numbers in multiple area codes.