Provider in the Spotlight: TelOnline

TelOnline is an excellent provider of business VoIP plans and Internet telephone services. Based in Hollywood, Florida to Miramar, Florida, it is TelOnline’s mission to “become the world’s leader in unified communications solutions, IP telephony services, and customer satisfaction.”

TelOnline dedicates themselves to providing the most innovative and reliable communication technology solutions possible, which will help all businesses communicate more efficiently.

TelOnline offers top-quality telephony solutions to their customers. TelOnline’s tailored solutions include VoIP telephony, iPBXs, call centers, automatic dialers, call recording systems, embedded software development for telephony, along with the integration and assembly of CRMs.

Their partners include Digium and Asterisk, among several other strategic business alliances within the industry. Currently, TelOnline provides the newest and best products and services to markets in the United States, Mexico, and almost all of South America.

TelOnline’s Team

TelOnline’s experienced team is highly trained and skilled. CEO Juan Carlos Castañeda leads this excellent team’s VoIP capabilities, while Carlos Castañeda, Quality Control Director, ensures that this family company provides superior service.

Marta Salgado works behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly as the Administrative Director, and Ivan Peñalosa takes an active role as Operations Director. This dream-team of experts ensures that TelOnline provides the best service possible.

Products and Services

TelOnline offers their customers all kinds of VoIP telephony products. TelOnline offers a wide range of software and hardware inventory, low prices, and the know-how to ask the right questions based on their clients specific needs. This allows their friendly representatives to help find the right products, services, and solutions for their valued clients.

TelOnline offers both hosted and internal PBX systems, allowing companies to choose what will work right for them. TelOnline also offers powerful Asterisk software, allowing businesses to install PBX technology onto a regular office computer capable of handling about 140 concurrent calls.

TelOnline’s Dialer and SMS server allows businesses to configure messages from voice and SMS to send contact lists online to be shared and transferred through the web. TelOnline’s other services and products include the following:

  • Business Phone Systems
  • IP Phones
  • Video Conferencing Systems
  • Cloud based centralized management solutions
  • Voice Documenting
  • Call Accounting Firewall & IPS Deployment
  • AutoDialers
  • Scalable Data Center Network
  • Call Center Analysis, Monitor & reporting

Businesses would be happy to take advantage of TelOnline’s numerous other VoIP features. Finding the one that is right for them would require a direct call. TelOnline is happy to help their customers find out which plan is right for them, and will base this decision on actual needs, not what’s most profitable. TelOnline is committed to providing quality service at an affordable rate.

Businesses have many options when picking a VoIP provider, but TelOnline stands out for their service, quality, affordability, and international scope.