Send Your Love Internationally This Valentine’s Day

As the shops begin to fill up with Cupids, boxes of chocolates, and heart shaped candies, it’s a bold pink and red reminder that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. As flirty and lovey as Valentine’s Day may be, it can be a real drag if you’re in a long distance relationship. However, if multiple countries, seas, or mountains separate you from your significant other this February, a VoIP system can help you feel the love despite the distance.

Because VoIP phones calls primarily travel over the Internet, they avoid the high costs associated with using the traditional phone lines. In doing so, VoIP providers can offer international calling prices at a fraction of the cost of what traditional phone services charge. While some traditional phone companies are infamous for rates as high as $2.00 and $3.00 per minute, VoIP providers knock those rates down to just a few cents.

With a residential VOIP provider such as VOIPo, you pay just pennies per minute to call international destinations. It would cost you just $0.02/minute to make a romantic phone call to your girlfriend studying abroad in the France. For same price per minute, you could wish a happy Valentine’s Day to your husband traveling on a business trip in China.

There are also numerous VoIP providers that offer international calling plans for those looking to keep the love alive in a long-term long distance relationship. Perhaps your boyfriend is stationed over in Italy for six months, and you know you’ll rack up charges for your long distance calls.

With a VoIP provider such as Ax Voice, you can purchase an international plan for just $16.58/month for unlimited calling to 45 countries, including Italy. This option is also ideal if your loved one frequently moves locations in foreign destinations.

This Valentine’s Day don’t let your fear of international calling charges prevent you from sending your love to your significant other.