SMBs Should Expect to Hear More From Vonage

Last year, Alan Masarek made news as he left Google to become Vonage’s new CEO. Just recently, CNNMoney reported that he has laid out the company’s new initiative: target small businesses in order to turn around Vonage’s telecom presence.

Users on our site have been reporting much improved quality of service and customer support during the past several years for the residential programs.  Last year Vonage purchased Vocalocity, which was a leader in business class VoIP services for small and medium sized businesses. With the addition of Vocalocity (now called Vonage Business solutions) and the new leadership’s commitment to quality required by business users, the future looks bright for Vonage.

With its new acquisitions and revamped management team, a return to TV commercials is still to be expected, but the company plans to be more aggressive with targeted digital advertising. And as you’d expect from a former Google exec, the plans include putting ‘Search’ as a top priority. Lately, the company’s earnings have been good, and although its stock price is well off its highs, it has seen a resurgence this year.

This new initiative could mean small business owners might start to see the Vonage brand (complete with the catchy jingle) more often in their favorite places on the Internet.

To bring you up to date on Vonage’s business offerings, here’s a recap of some of Vonage’s business package features that might catch the Small-to-Medium-sized Business (SMB) owner’s eye:

Call Conference - A phone conference is no longer a luxury that is exclusive to large enterprises. Vonage offers a call conferencing feature that lets you and several people join in on the conversation. Meetings can be done wherever you are without the extra cost of adding new lines or physically installing more extensions.

Cell Phone Integration - If you’re out of the office but on the job, this feature is a must-have. Thankfully, Vonage isn’t behind when it comes to integrating its services with mobile devices. Better yet, the service of adding your mobile number to your VoIP setup is as easy as adding any extension.

Main Company Number - Unlike residential VoIP, it’s not just your calls that matter. It’s the inbound calls of your own customers, too. With the main company line feature, business owners can no longer worry about their customers getting lost as they try to navigate through a customer service call.

Like with any targeted marketing strategy, Vonage is likely going to pitch these services (among others) in order to win the loyalty of SMB customers. But then again, perhaps the really good news is that management is totally focused on quality, and over time the customers will have a say as to Vonage’s success or disappointments.

Vonage is a paid advertiser on our site, but this article and the opinions expressed herein were not paid for.