Spearheading Better VoIP Quality

The vast adoption of VoIP in place of traditional telephony services is one of the best things to happen to modern communications. Not only is VoIP cheaper, it is also the most accessible service. You can enjoy it from practically anywhere as long as you have the right gadget and a reliable Internet connection.

That’s the clincher. Setting aside problems that your VoIP service provider may experience, the quality of your VoIP service depends mostly on your network connection or Internet access. And, for practically everyone, the best way to ensure VoIP quality is to constantly test and monitor. This is the only way to pinpoint problem areas – whether it's your network or it's your VoIP service.

VoIP Spear (voipspear.com) has designed a system that tests VoIP call quality for single or multiple end points, from several testing servers in North America. By sending pings at consistent intervals to your endpoints, VoIP Spear is able to plot performance peaks and dips, and come up with definitive Mean Opinion Scores (MOS). Bad VoIP quality is a 1, while excellent quality gets a 5. The score considers not just bandwidth but also other performance indicators, such as latency, jitter and packet loss.

For individuals, what VoIP Spear has created enables a whole new level of service monitoring. Through a dashboard interface, users can immediately assess their VoIP quality; and, perhaps make decisions with regards to their service providers or VoIP usage.

Small- to medium-scale business and even service providers themselves can benefit from VoIP Spear's VoIP Quality Test and Call Quality Monitoring services. Consistent monitoring and thorough assessment ensure the best possible day-to-day operations and service, whether you rely on VoIP for communications or provide the service.

There are other similar options in the market. However, these call quality monitoring systems are usually expensive and require complicated setups. VoIP Spear provides access to their systems for free or for a minimal fee, and VoIP quality test and monitoring can be done within a few clicks of the mouse.

This is a guest blog contributed by Henry Fernandes at VoIP Spear.