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Voice over IP telephone systems and technologies are rapidly growing by popular demand—with both large corporations, small to medium sized businesses, and even startups. BullsEye provides improved and updated cloud solutions for small, medium, and large businesses, with cloud based services on the rise. The reason for this increased popularity is because of the reliable and consistent service VoIP telephone systems provide.

Before installing a voice over IP phone system, businesses should conduct a VoIP readiness inspection. This readiness inspection tests the network's capability to carry high-quality vocal transmissions, ensuring a smoother transition. It will also evaluate the readiness of routers and switches to effectively use a VoIP system.

Why More Businesses Are Choosing VoIP BullsEye Telecom's Telecommunications Systems

Low Cost: Whether large or small, cost efficiency in an important factor for all businesses and enterprises. BullsEye is proficient in providing cost-effective ways to perform necessary tasks for improved business performance without breaking the bank. Saving money is especially important for small businesses because, unlike corporations, they have a finite amount of resources at their disposal for use. Business VoIP provides a low-cost voice services so business owners and employees can make nationwide and international calls.

Ease-Of-Use: A business VoIP service is easy to use because from the vantage point of the end user, the service is very similar to using a traditional telephone. The additional features that are available with VoIP are easy to understand with very minimal training. Unlike a traditional telephone system, multiple lines can be added to a business VoIP system, avoiding the expense of additional hardware or upgrades.

Special Features Come Standard: With traditional telephone systems, special features such as call waiting, call conferencing, and others can be costly, and are often added for an additional fee. With a BullsEye’s business VoIP service, all of the features necessary for improved business communication come included with the service, at no extra charge. Additionally, services like voice mail-to-email and virtual receptionist come standard with the VoIP package.

Flexibility: VoIP business phone services give customers a level of flexibility that traditional telephone systems cannot provide. These services allow employers and employees to receive phone calls remotely from anywhere in the world, anytime. This flexibility has allowed for some businesses to introduce telecommuting programs allowing employees to work part-time in-office and part time at home. These are all part of the benefits of having a hosted PBX system. BullsEye’s flexible VoIP solutions have been proven year over year to increase employee satisfaction, lead to a decrease in overhead, and an increase in productivity.

Standard Features of Hosted PBX Services Designed to Increase Productivity

Business owners understand the connection that exists between productivity and profitability. The more productive employees are, the more profit the business can generate while minimizing expenses. The VoIP cloud solutions BullsEye provides for small to medium sized business and larger enterprises supplies productivity enhancing features. These features are possible because VoIP services are integrated seamlessly with a company’s existing computers and devices. These features include: 

Click to Dial: This is a time-saving feature that allows individuals who need to make multiple phone calls throughout the day to click one number displayed on their computer in order to dial in. This productivity enhancing feature eliminates the steps of dialing dozens of numbers that sales men and women or marketing specialists typically need to dial every hour.

Multiple Devices with the Same Number: The hosted PBX system connected to BullsEye’s VoIP cloud solutions makes it possible for business owners and employees to answer phone calls from any location on multiple devices. With a VoIP phone system, multiple devices can be assigned to the same phone number and the same voice mail. This means that a business owner or an employee never has to worry about missing a phone call.

Call Screening: The ability to screen a phone call is an invaluable productivity feature. When you are in the middle of a big project, deciding whether to answer each phone call becomes a gamble. There may not be enough hours in the day to answer every call, though incoming calls from key customers or leads must be answered. Call screening allows business owners to decide whether the phone call they are receiving should be taken immediately, or if the call can be put on the back burner for a future time.

Advanced Features of Hosted PBX Services Tailored for Each Office

In addition to the standard features that come with a hosted PBX service, there are advanced features that can be tailored to the needs of each business and each office. Some of these features include call recording and conference bridge, among others:

Auto Attendant: This feature provides an automated virtual receptionist. This feature allows callers to be connected with different extensions within a company without first having to interact with a real person or receptionist. Callers will be prompted to press a number or give a voice command in order to be redirected to the proper extension.

Call Recording: This feature is excellent for businesses that are looking to provide high-quality service to their customers. Call recording allows business owners and business managers to monitor conversations between employees and customers. It allows business owners to configure the program to record selected inbound and outbound calls, or to record all calls. The calls can then be forwarded and archived to a computer or to a different phone allowing the owner, manager, or HR representative to listen to the calls when their schedule permits.

Conference Bridge: This amazing service allows multiple participants in various locations around the world to be together in one conference call. As a result, there is never a reason to cancel an important meeting with employees or vendors. Participants can join the meeting no matter where in the world they happen to be.

Unified Communications: This service allows different forms of communication to work together to broadcast the same message. This includes allowing instant messaging, video conferencing, desktop sharing, and speech recognition functions to work interdependently.

Integrated Voice: This feature allows customers to interact with a company’s phone system by using the DTMF tones from their telephone's keyboard, or by giving vocal commands.

These are just a few of the advanced features that VoIP services based on BullsEye’s SIP trunking are able to provide customers.

How a Multi Line Voice Over IP Phone System Will Improve Business Productivity

VoIP services based on SIP trunking are extremely flexible, allowing new lines to be added to the phone service with no additional cost, no additional hardware, and no upgrading of service. For this reason, the VoIP cloud solutions BullsEye offers its customers can be said to grow with the company. As a company grows and expands, additional phone lines can be added easily. If there is a need to reduce the number of phone lines, this can also be achieved easily with no additional hardware.

Businesses are attracted to VoIP services based on SIP trunking because they are extremely low cost. Businesses have been able to save in excess of 50 percent on their annual bill when using VoIP as compared to a standard traditional phone system.

Business owners appreciate the fact that BullsEye’s VoIP services based on SIP trunking leave them in complete control. They never have to worry about managing hardware. Business owners can easily track every phone in their multi line phone system, with the ability to change voicemails, greetings, install a virtual receptionist, and monitor incoming and outgoing phone calls all from one easy-to-manage user interface.

In addition to creating user-friendly services, BullsEye offers unbeatable customer care, with the ability to answer any questions that their clients might have and to provide assistance in making any changes to their service, with their unique ‘hands on’ approach.

Affordability, ease-of-use, flexibility, control, and state-of-the-art performance are within reach for any small, medium, or large business thanks to the voice over IP telecom solutions provided by BullsEye.