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Provider in the Spotlight: DID for Sale

DID for Sale is a top quality VoIP provider based out of California. They are a subsidiary of Bing Consulting, LLC, and as their name suggests, they specialize in DID (Direct Inward Dialing).

Spearheading Better VoIP Quality

The vast adoption of VoIP in place of traditional telephony services is one of the best things to happen to modern communications. Not only is VoIP cheaper, it is also the most accessible service.

A Few Cool Features of a Virtual PBX

The demand for virtual phone companies is rapidly increasing. A number of VoIP companies are now offering this service as a result of the increasing demand.

Provisioning, Service Support, Billing: The Achilles Heel of the VoIP Industry

Being involved in the VoIP industry is much like being in any other industry. It takes dedication and perseverance and there’s just no secret to becoming successful, or is there? At VoIP Innovations we believe we’ve formulated a strategic plan of attack that can make anyone successful. What our strategy comes down to is BackOffice support, something we like to call the Achilles Heel of the VoIP Industry. There are three parts to this: Provisioning, Service Support, and Billing.

The Advantage of a VoIP System in Your Home Business

When you run your business out of your home, you face a particular set of challenges. Not only do you generally have limited funds, but you face the stigma of a less-than-professional appearance.

Your VoIP = Your Mobile Office Assistant

If you work from home, or from an irregular office-base, then you most likely already own a computer or laptop. The only extra hardware expense that setting up VoIP will entail is the purchase of a headset with integral microphone. It is recommended to get a good quality headset as customers may find it exceedingly off-putting to constantly lose connection, suffer from the conversation fading in and out or be subject to crackling static while going over business details. With a good headset the sound reproduction can be crystal clear, especially when coupled with a noise-reducing microphone that prevents outside noises from distracting you from what you are saying.

Rapid Growth in Telecom & VoIP Employment Opportunities

U.S. Department of Labor forecasts show that the second fastest growing occupation through 2014 is that of Network Systems and Data Communication Analysts. Jobs in this category are expected to increase by 55% compared to the employment level last year.

Ranked 5th in this time horizon were jobs for Computer Software Engineers-Applications, which are seen as growing by 48%. Ranked 8th, 11th and 12th, respectively, are Computer Software Engineers-Systems Software, Network and Computer Systems Administrators and Data Base Administrators.

5 VoIP Features That You May Not Be Using

VoIP is the newest way for your business to communicate and send and receive messages. Transmitting over the Internet allows you to share data at greater speeds for lowers costs, and will keep your business progressing with the latest software and apps available.

AT&T, T-Mobile Merger on Hold

Department of Justice sues AT&T to stop $39 billion merger with T-Mobile

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iCall For iPhone Is Well Worth The Download

iCall is an innovative application that proves to be much more practical and revolutionary than all other applications for all your VoIP needs on your iPhone, including Skype! Want freedom to call anywhere in the world with free unlimited calling within the US and Canada?