Veritivity Cloud Consulting for your Business

There are several services out in the market today that all involve “the cloud”. It’s become a huge buzzphrase in the telecommunications and IT industries and a lot of businesses are utilizing the cloud to streamline those processes. But sometimes having so many services bundled into one package can become a very confusing and unnecessarily cumbersome undertaking, not to mention expensive. And there are some great sales people out there that can convince you that you need products and services you actually don't need. On top of that, you may wind up with a provider that is not quite up to snuff when it comes to a specific service. This is where cloud consulting firm Veritivity comes in. 

Founded by Curt Burnside, Veritivity's many cloud consulting services are sure to help your business make the right decisions when it comes to putting together a cloud-based telecommunications plan. Understanding how to put together a solid plan for your telecommunications shouldn't be a taxing experience. And Veritivity will strive to keep doing so from becoming one. 

Some of the telecommunications and cloud consulting services that Veritivity offers include:


As a part of the many IT consulting services, Veritivity also offers Hosted Business VoIP consulting. In this marketplace, there are a multitude of providers of VoIP services, as well as a multitude of those services themselves. Veritivity will sit down with you and take a close look at exactly what your company needs and will build a VoIP plan that will properly suit each and every one of them. At the same time they'll keep your budget in check by weeding out the services and providers who aren't the best match for you company's needs. 

Some of the benefits of having a hosted business VoIP consultation from Veritivity include having support available to you on a 24-hour basis, incurring a much lower cost than traditional PBX systems, cutting edge technology, easy backup and disaster recovery, unified communications, the ability to make voice calls through multiple devices, and even the ability to conduct video conferences in a cost-effective manner.

With all this in mind, Veritivity's hosted business VoIP services will allow your business to save money, improve communications, and improve functionality, all while utilizing many years of experience and knowledge in the industry.


On top of offering hosted business VoIP services, Veritivity can consult with you on other areas of your telecommunications plan. It is always important to make sure that your phone service is being provided to you in a way that's not putting a dent in your bottom line. To help you further save money, Veritivity has some Telecom Expense Management solutions. They can conduct bill audits and help you select a vendor that offers the best rates for your budget. 

Also, since customer service is a paramount aspect of running your business, inbound calls should be answered promptly as they are received. Having a telecommunications consultation will ensure that you design a plan that will maximize your customers' satisfaction as well as your employees' performance.


Veritivity offers comprehensive IT consulting services that will allow you to better understand your options when establishing a successful IT structure. Their detail-oriented professionals will work hard for you to make sure 

Some of the IT consulting services that Veritivity offers include cost-cutting transfers of hardware assets to the cloud, IT disaster recovery, reviews of existing IT assets, and network strategy. With these services, your business stands to gain savings in IT and telecommunications expenditures, peace of mind in the case of a data disaster, ongoing support after the plan is implemented, and a customized overall plan that's designed to meet all of your needs at a budget that fits your balance sheet.


If you're starting a new business or opening a new office location, Veritivity can help you have a strong IT and telecommunications plan from the very beginning. Their Office in a Box solutions allow you to have customized cutting-edge technology to help your business stay on top from the start.

One of the best features of Office in a Box is a fast rollout. You can have all your solutions in place and ready to use well within two weeks time. You can enjoy all the benefits of the cloud on a turnkey basis. Office in a Box also has the lowest startup costs of any cloud solution and you pay a low monthly fixed cost for service. On top of everything else, Veritivity will always be there for you through their 24-hour IT support.


Also, did you know that 93% of businesses that experience a data disaster file for bankruptcy in a year? Putting together an IT solution can be a great investment for your business. However, it can turn into a financial nightmare if unforeseen circumstances compromises your data. 

Veritivity can come up with a solution that prevent any major problems that arise from a data disaster from having such devastating effects on your business in the long run. They will examine your current processes to deal with an IT disaster and then use best practices to come up with a recovery plan and customize it to fit your needs and budget. And, as always, Veritivity's IT disaster support staff will always be available to help keep you from becoming a statistic.

If you are looking modernize your telecommunications or require other IT and cloud consulting services, reach out to Veritivity. They offer free 30-minute consultations to help you get started with implementing a new telecommunications plan for your business. Whether your needs are big or small, they will be there to answer any and all questions you may have.