VirtualPBX is Simply Better for Your Business

As small businesses and startups start to see a boom in today's economy, a reliable, affordable and functioning phone service is all the more necessary. If you want to see the benefits of increased productivity, flexibility in terms of communication, big savings for your business, and quality and reliability when it comes to communications services, consider VirtualPBX. Here are a few reasons why VirtualPBX is simply better for your business.

What is VirtualPBX?

VirtualPBX is a communications provider that prides itself on quality and reliability. Its first priority is to provide the best communication service by a hosted PBX (private branch exchange) phone service for all small to mid-sized companies that continue to see growth. It takes pride in helping your business get a call service up and running within minutes of setting up. 

The Benefits of a Hosted PBX

A PBX will allow you to connect your business to all of your devices including your mobile, tablet, desktop, fax and landlines. You can use PBX through the internet and not a traditional phone service. Not only that, but VirtualPBX provides a hosted PBX.
A hosted PBX means that you save money by cutting out traditional hardware and copper-wire. Rather than seeking a commercial communications provider that might charge you and your business a great sum of money for spotty service, a hosted PBX via VirtualPBX will guarantee quality and reliability in terms of service so that you can conduct your business with a peace of mind. 

Benefits of VoIP

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a phone system that uses your internet to convert voice audio into digitized data. By depending on your internet, you'll not only save on phone bills, but also see an increase in terms of your business productivity. VoIP allows you to integrate video-chat in real time as well as your mailbox. Not only that, VirtualPBX provides an easy-to-use web platform so that you and your staff will be able to utilize all of its services without sweat. 

Business VoIP

One of the main things that VirtualPBX can provide for your and your business is business VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Business VoIP is a growing communication system that offers your business a cost effective solution to answering and forwarding calls. Business VoIP offers you access wherever an internet connection is available. Talk about the future! You don't need to be at your office or desk in order to take a pressing call. You can communicate with your clients from wherever you have internet or data available – including mobile phones, computers, or tablets

The Beneficial Functions of VirtualPBX

All businesses depend on phone and communication services in order to provide the best for their clients and customers. One of the best things about small to mid-sized businesses is the quality and reliability of their services. In addition to that, customized service and overall better customer service is what makes small to mid-sized businesses preferable over commercial providers. 

Greetings: You have the option to customize your greeting on your VirtualPBX system in order to meet your clients' and customers' needs. Whether it's your own voice, your staff's voice, or an actor's voice, you have the power to make your greeting customized to suit your business needs. 

Hold Music: In addition, you can add some music to give your clients and customers a little something to tune into if and when they are ever placed on hold. This way the brief hold won't feel so long! 

Operational System: During your business' off-time, you have a few options that'll keep your business going beyond after hours. Here are some ways you can depend on PBX's quality and reliability in operations:

-A call answering operation that'll inform your callers to please call back when your business is open.
-Inform your callers that your business is closed at this time and that you will return their call.
-Turn off your call system completely and receive calls once the business is open during normal operation hours. Having flexibility in terms of how far you're willing to go for your customers and clients will help you improve your services. 

Consistent Phone Number: Changing phone numbers for businesses is always risky. If old customers or clients wish to reach you at your existing phone number, it'll be easy. In order to ensure that your customers and clients can reach you, transfer your current phone number, or choose a new custom vanity number. 

Cost-effective: A phone system from traditional and commercial providers is a lot more expensive than a hosted PBX. Switch to a business VoIP today and save big on communication service costs!

Voicemail: You have the flexibility of checking your voicemail over phone or from wherever you have internet access. You can also access it through email! Creating voicemail notifications across all platforms you choose ensures that you can return all your calls.

No Maintenance Hassle: How often are you asked to restart your communications system if its ever down? With a hosted PBX at VirtualPBX, business owners can proceed with a peace of mind knowing that their communications system is hosted by its provider. Automatic updates and feature upgrades are part of this PBX service. 

Clarity: One of the best things that VirtualPBX can do for you and your business is clarity. Your calls will be much clearer with a hosted PBX integrated in your communication system. Satisfaction with clear calls are guaranteed even when your network's call traffic is high. Furthermore, you can broaden your bandwidth to ensure that your network has the capacity to handle its demands.

More functions: Call recording is an option with VirtualPBX. You can make sure your customers are satisfied with the service you provide at your business. Follow-me or "find-me" call routing is another beneficial option. This way, you can access your calls anywhere at anytime through your nearest internet connection. Also, no matter what you use to access internet--whether it is your smart phone, iPhone, tablet, Android or desktop--you'll be able to reap the benefits of service!