Voxbone Enables Global Cloud Communications


Savvy businesses both small and large constantly look for solutions that can cut costs, increase productivity and provide global access. In looking for business communication solutions, businesses require many things, including the availability of multi-line functionality, faxing, 1-800 numbers, IT applications and an increasingly global outreach. In the days of copper-line telephony, many of these extended services were priced beyond the reach of smaller companies, or were simply not available. 

With the advancement of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), the ability for businesses to add telephony needs to Internet needs has arrived. In addition to the many Internet applications, businesses were able to utilize the Internet to place phone calls, receive and make faxes and have many lines. However, the associated hardware required was often expensive to install and maintain, leaving some small businesses out of the affordability loop. 

The advancement of cloud technology has led to an explosion of providers, who provide next generation communication services to business customers. Many of those providers, however, need the help of an outside company in order to connect their cloud communications platform to the traditional telephone network, which still encompasses the vast majority of landline and mobile phone lines in the world.

Voxbone has solved this issue for its many cloud PBX and SIP trunking customers, offering them the ability to connect to local phone networks from the world in a simple and cost effective way. Here are some of the exciting features Voxbone offers for cloud communications providers with a brief explanation of what is involved.

Local numbers, globally

People who work in wholesales telecommunications know: the telecommunications network, market, and regulatory environment are different in every country. For small-to-medium sized cloud communications providers ensuring compliance with many and varying regulations, technology standards, and business models across the world can be a nightmare. Voxbone has established itself as a local telecommunications service provider, owning a telecommunications license from the local telecommunications regulator and ensuring adherence to local regulations in every country within which it operates. It owns millions of geographical and 1-800 DID numbers from 50+ countries, all of which have been pre-configured, are legally compliant, and are ready to use immediately.  Regardless of the country, the calls to Voxbone DID numbers are delivered in a uniform way over a single SIP trunk.

Not only does Voxbone offer new phone numbers from 50+ countries, the company is also capable to port phone numbers to its network from traditional service providers in 40 countries.

E112/911 dialing capabilities

The DIDs provided by Voxbone allow cloud communications companies to connect to national telephone networks through the use of telephone numbers. To place telephone calls to other numbers, cloud communications companies rely on voice termination providers. These companies transport voice calls globally to landline and mobile subscribers.  One destination these providers usually do not cover is emergency numbers.  

To fill this need, Voxbone allows dialing of emergency numbers from its phone numbers, a capability that is required by telecommunication regulations in many countries, but which is often not provided. 

A global data network for the international transport of calls

Voxbone connects the 50+ countries it operates in with a global private MPLS data network. This network is used to transport calls internationally, offering substantially higher levels of quality of service compared to the Internet. From its POPs, located on every continent, Voxbone delivers calls to the service platforms of its customers.

A flat-rate price structure

Contrary to traditional service providers, Voxbone does not charge per-minute for the transport of calls. Voxbone’s price structure is simple and comprehensive: customers pay a fixed monthly fee per number and a fixed monthly fee for the reserved call capacity on Voxbone’s global network, which can be shared with calls, faxes or text messages originating from all countries in its footprint.

A Web portal and API

Voxbone’s secure Web portal, VoxCOMMAND, allows customers to order and configure phone numbers, as well as transport capacity (channels) and services, online. The ordering process is completely automated. Numbers and channels are provisioned and activated in real time.

Voxbone’s API is a SOAP and REST-based Web module that enables Voxbone customers to automate the ordering and configuration of phone numbers and channels with any of their front or back-office applications. This API allows cloud communications customers to order numbers with Voxbone in a “just-in-time” manner.