What Business VoIP Services Does Velis4 Offer?

There's a lot to take advantage of when it comes to business VoIP. Velis4 has the ability to offer a number of products, fine-tuned, to give your business the edge.

Hosted VoIP

Business VoIP services allow you to route calls over IP, as opposed to routing them over traditional telephony paths. To put that in perspective, VoIP eliminates the need for elaborate phone systems. This includes phone lines, phone only T1 circuits, and other high cost phone equipment and services.

Velis4’s best business hosted VoIP system takes this one step further by allowing you to have your VoIP services hosted and maintained by Velis4. Since it becomes a part of hosted cloud services, it will free your business up from having to worry about the equipment, paying for the resources, and having to troubleshoot problems.

That in turn will allow you to focus more on the business, rather the technical minutia.

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SIP Trunking

SIP is a protocol that works off of VoIP. With SIP, you can keep your PBX or even use a hosted PBX system with Velis4. In either case, using Velis you’re your  SIP trunking provider allows your existing telephony system to interface with IP.

Businesses receive the benefit and cost savings of VoIP without having to overhaul network infrastructure. SIP trunking allows you to run your existing lines through the VoIP service rather than to an actual switch or PRI.

You can also add features to your existing lines that you wouldn't normally get with traditional telephony. This can include services such as integrated messaging and email functions. It's also an extendable protocol, so there's a lot of room for growth. With a hosted PBX service, you don't even have to worry about the equipment. Much like with hosted VoIP, hosted PBX allows you to use cloud services.

Call Center Solutions

Setting up a call center is a hassle, unless you have an experienced call center service provider assisting you, like Velis4. With features, such as CRM integration, call recording for agent training, and advanced interactive voice response, even the smallest call center evokes an appearance of a sophisticated operation.

The business VoIP offerings for various call center sizes from Velis4 includes:

  • Basic

  • Small Business

  • Enterprise

Including three tiers of call center service means that no matter what you need, there's a service available for your business.

Business Broadband Services

With so many IP offerings, it's important that your business has the business broadband connections and circuits to handle them. While VoIP services do save you time and money, they come with requirements all their own.

One of those requirements is a strong, steady, and adequate broadband connection. Many providers cannot guarantee the uptime for your service. Velis4 offers broadband circuits for your business that are scaled to fit your needs. That way you get the connectivity you need without overpaying for extra, unnecessary bandwidth.

Wholesale VoIP

If you already offer telecommunication services, you may want to consider wholesale VoIP offerings. With wholesale VoIP from Velis4 you gain a partner. Setting up VoIP and SIP services for customers requires a lot of time and investment.

If you don't have the switching platforms, the data center space, or the IP design team, then speaking to Velis4 is in your best interest. This can help you launch your service quickly and give you a reliable backbone for the service.

Getting to the Next Level

Business VoIP services aren't new, but VoIP technology is still growing. Not only can it help take your business to the next level now, it can help your business continue to grow while also growing with it.

Many other companies offer blanket VoIP services that may or may not suit your needs. Your business needs something more robust and tailored. In addition, you have to make sure they're offering you services that they can actually handle. Not every provider has the equipment, expertise, and experience to provide clear call quality and proactive issue detection.

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