Why Cheap VoIP Makes Everything Better, Including Prison

Businesses and residents the world over have been enjoying the benefits of VoIP for years now. It offers a much cheaper, and more feature rich calling service than any traditional analog phone solution. Anyone that makes phone calls can use VoIP to communicate for less.

Recently the government has been doing something very unusual: trying to save people money. As far fetched as that sounds, it’s true. And the newest group of people to enjoy the cost savings of VoIP phone services, are prisoners. They are learning quickly that using VoIP technology to make phone calls is a much more effective and affordable calling option.

Prisoners throughout the United States are not unlike everyone else; they too have been robbed blind by price gouging traditional phone service and expensive long distance calling. Once again, VoIP comes to the rescue. Recently the FCC has ruled that prisoners are allowed to use VoIP alternatives to make phone calls.

Crime Doesn’t Pay - Neither Does Traditional Telephony

Long distance calls made from prisons usually cost over $1.00 per minute, which is incredibly expensive for any domestic call. Even though they are convicts, we shouldn’t let large telecommunications companies make out like bandits. When these prisoners are making less than a dollar an hour while working in federal prisons, they should not be charged over a dollar a minute just to call their family.

VoIP has done what it does best and offered a cost saving alternative solution. The VoIP phone service provider, ConsCallHome is a leading provider and pioneer of VoIP services to prisoners. Prison VoIP service is a little bit more creative than just installing VoIP phones in prison. Rather than giving the convicts a VoIP phone line, VoIP companies that focus on services for convicts provide a phone number local to wherever the prisoner is located so that the prisoner may make cheap local phone calls through the existing prison phone service. This has allowed for prisoners to make phone calls for dollars per month rather than dollars per minutes. Now these prisoners don’t have an excuse not to call their mothers and get scolded for landing themselves in jail.

Convicts don’t seem so bad after all when you compare them to the wireline traditional phone service providers to prisons. Turns out, the phone companies are the real crooks. Thankfully VoIP has saved the not just the day, but a whole lot of money too.