Why VoIP Makes Sense for Growing Families

VoIP phone service is useful for more than just business customers. Residential users get many benefits from changing over to VoIP service, including cheap nationwide and international calling rates, and IP video conferencing. VoIP makes sense for families looking to save a few hundred dollars a month, especially growing families.

All families, including new parents, can take advantage of cheap phone service to keep in contact with family members all over the world. VoIP makes it easy for growing families to stay close to loved ones, while enjoying monthly savings.

Monthly Savings

Some of the cheapest home VoIP providers only charge around $5/month per user, with the average rate at around $8/month per user. That’s in comparison to the near $80/month a user might pay for traditional phone service. A growing family needs every last penny, which works out perfectly when VoIP only costs a few pennies a day.

Cheap US and International Calling

VoIP phone service has unlimited calling capabilities. Because VoIP runs off the Internet, it is faster and more efficient to send calls over long distances. This means you can have unlimited calling the US because all calls are essentially local through IP address relays.

Unlimited Nationwide Calling

VoIP is great for families that are spread out all over the country. All VoIP providers offer users unlimited nationwide phone calls. Many providers also offer Universal Numbers, which means that users can pick a phone number with an area code that they call the most, and all phone calls to and from that area code will become a cheap local call. This is a useful option for families in a concentrated area who want all the latest details on the newest family member.

Cheap International Rates

Not all family members live across town, and that’s where VoIP’s cheap international capabilities come in handy. Several residential VoIP providers offer cheap international plans, which are perfect for families that live across the world from each other. Many of the major countries, like the UK, Germany, and Japan only cost a few cents a minute to call.

Many VoIP providers often offer 60 free minutes a month for international calling, whether families buy a specific international package or not.

IP Video Conferencing for Video Chatting

For the family members who can’t travel to see the new baby by plane or train, there is always VoIP’s IP Video Conferencing. Cheap IP video conferencing allows family members to video chat with one another across state lines and international waters.

Call Blocking

Sometimes VoIP users, especially new parents, want some peace and quiet without the phone ringing at inconvenient hours. VoIP offers several call blocking features to fit any family. General call blocking is the feature that blocks all phone calls from calling the VoIP users. The Black List feature lets users pick a few phone numbers from a phone list and only the selected number will go through as a phone call. There is also the White List feature, which is where users pick a few phone numbers from a phone list and only the selected calls won’t go through as phone calls to the user.

Sometimes new parents just need some silence when they can get it, and VoIP has them covered. And when they are ready to talk, VoIP’s unlimited calling is ready to serve.