WiFi in the Sky

WiFi in the sky is being offered but not without continuing battles from cellphone companies and Aviation security authorities. American Airlines is the only airlines offering internet access while in flight on Aircell’s Gogo. Although, they have created technological walls that block Skype and other similar programs which enable VoIP calls. Critics of the VoIP blockage say it is only a matter of time before technological marvels figure out a way beyond the Gogo wall. There are multiple issues to consider for added freedom while on a flight. First off, none of us will ever forget 911 so we must be resolute with security on a flight. Secondly, it is imperative to get the cooperation of aviation officials so that signals don’t interfere with air-traffic control but I thought those signals were on secure networks. VoIP calls are made many times open WiFi signals and networks which shouldn’t interfere with air-traffic control but then again I am not an air-traffic controller.