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If you are a freelancer, a self-employed businessperson or the proprietor of a small business, VoIP technology can help you to save a small fortune in standard telephony. Not only is a VoIP system noticeably cheaper than a regular landline-based office phone, it also has many advantages that can be invaluable to you and your work.

Hardware Needs

If you work from home, or from an irregular office-base, then you most likely already own a computer or laptop. The only extra hardware expense that setting up VoIP will entail is the purchase of a headset with integral microphone. It is recommended to get a good quality headset as customers may find it exceedingly off-putting to constantly lose connection, suffer from the conversation fading in and out or be subject to crackling static while going over business details. With a good headset the sound reproduction can be crystal clear, especially when coupled with a noise-reducing microphone that prevents outside noises from distracting you from what you are saying.

Show and Tell

As you are using your computer or laptop to speak to your client or colleague, it is easy to take advantage of ‘online meeting’ software to share your screen. This enables the client or colleague to see spreadsheets, diagrams or photographs as clearly as though they were in the room with you.

Virtual Assistant

Services such as eVoice work with VoIP systems to keep you constantly accessible, whether you are at home, working, or even sleeping! The system allows you to carry your VoIP number with you everywhere so you can quickly make contact should you need to, and even offers a voicemail transcription service, whereby voicemail messages left on your VoIP number are transcribed into text and forwarded to a linked email address. Services such as eVoice are ideal for the sole trader, freelancer or small businessman, as they provide essential ‘office cover’; similar to hiring a receptionist to sit in an office and answer the phone and take messages for you!

Some of them offer the ability to partially screen calls, which means that you can safely ignore unwanted sales calls while being certain the important order call that you are waiting for will be forwarded to the device that you have with you. Many of the services incorporate a professional greeting response before the voicemail; and some of them even offer advanced services like the capability for conference calls between multiple parties, and video calling.

If your small business or freelance service is suffering due to your being out of reach some of the time, it may benefit you to consider the positive force of a VoIP telephony system; it can save you precious time and money.

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