Business Phone Provider

Picking the right business phone provider can save you money, time, and headaches.

Picking the right VoIP phone provider can do even more.

VoIP is more efficient, cost effective and of a higher quality than almost any land-line based system, so when you're looking for a phone provider for your business, make sure to look into a VoIP provider to simplify your telecommunication and save your business money.

Compare and contrast the many different VoIP providers and find the plan that works best for you and your office.

Why VoIP? Why not a traditional business phone provider?

There are few reasons you should consider VoIP, if not adopt VoIP without hesitation:

1. VoIP is cheaper than a traditional business phone provider

With a traditional business phone provider, you have to pay extra for a business phone system. You have to pay extra for long distance calls. And you get charged an arm and a leg just to use the service in the first place!

With VoIP, you don't pay extra for a phone system. You don't pay extra for long distance calls. On average, you can save up to 80% by switching to VoIP.

There's also a lot of competition in the VoIP market, too, which has depressed market prices.

2. VoIP gives you additional functions for free

Traditional business phone providers have wised up over recent years and they've started offering basic features like Call Waiting and Caller ID, for free with their business phone service.

Interested in Business VoIP?

Learn about how to select a business phone provider on our VoIP phone service provider page.

That's too little, too late.

Most VoIP business phone providers already include these features - for free - and they also offer auto attendants and Virtual PBXs - also for free.

So, you can pay more for less with a traditional business phone provider. Or you can pay less for more with VoIP.