Business Toll Free

Toll free numbers are when the party that receives the call pays for it, as opposed to the standard practice of the caller paying for the call. Toll free numbers are advantageous for businesses, as they serve customers by providing them with a free opportunity to communicate, leading to a better customer service experience.

Many VoIP providers have toll free services for businesses at a cheaper price than most conventional providers. VoIP services are significantly cheaper than most conventional providers, as the cost to maintain and use the internet as the basic infrastructure for calls.

Businesses are switching to VoIP providers more and more for their telecommunication needs for a variety of reasons, but a toll free number and support are one of the driving forces behind this trend.

Toll Free Numbers

Toll free numbers began in the late 1960's, but became a commonly used business tool in the mid 1980's, giving companies the opportunity to receive calls from their customers. Toll free numbers allow the receiver of the call to pay for the call on behalf of the caller. Consumers then can feel free to call businesses without cost, improving customer relations.

Additionally, businesses like 1-800-FLOWERS could have easy to remember toll free vanity numbers, increasing exposure.

Perks of Toll Free Numbers

Toll free numbers are great for businesses for a number of reasons, among them savings, improved recognition and sales, as well as improved customer relations.

Free for the Customer

When a business has a toll free number, they are accepting the cost of the call on behalf of the consumer, which will lead to more feedback and generally improved customer relations.


With a VoIP toll free business number, your business can save money as well. By bypassing the traditional hard-line phone system that accompanies most toll free numbers, a VoIP toll free number using the internet can be significantly less expensive for businesses.

Improved Sales

A toll free number for customers to call makes for better customer relations, and as any good businessman knows, improved customer relations lead to better sales. If your business is regarded as one that puts the customer first, your reputation and sales can only improve.


When businesses get a VoIP toll free number, they can also pick their number, as with any VoIP service. The right number can help a businesses increase recognition, and be easier for customers to remember.

Features with Toll Free VoIP Numbers

Conference Calling

Conference calling is a breeze with a toll free VoIP number. Your VoIP provider hosts your conference call on your toll free number, gives you a PIN which you pass on, and then everyone that has the PIN can join the conference call.

Vanity Number

A vanity number can be a great way to help customers remember a company's toll free number, and with VoIP toll free numbers, you can choose your vanity number for maximum recognition possibility.

Call Handling

With a VoIP toll free number, you can pay to have your toll free calling or toll free conference calling hosted, saving you time on general maintenance and labor.