If you're a VoIP company and looking for a VoIP carrier providing service at whole-sale, we can help. Whether you're a reseller or service provider, TheDigest has reviews of wholesale partners that can provide for VoIP providers and businesses. VoIP services have become significantly more competitive in recent years, which has made now a great time to try and acquire valuable voice services. With all of the companies competing to offer wholesale VoIP solutions, you can find cost effective solutions on origination, termination, API, DID’s, collocation, fax, conference calling and more. Not only will this be better for your communications costs, but your company can save valuable time and effort.

Wholesale VoIP Carrier Services

Wholesale VoIP carriers provide a number of services that can help businesses on a daily basis.


Origination is the collection of an initiated call from the Public Switched Telephone Network, and given to a VoIP service to complete over the internet. Many of the wholesale VoIP carriers we review and rate provide origination services, saving you time and money by cutting out the costly standard telephone company and hard-line infrastructure.

Additionally, many VoIP carriers that provide origination services can help you access over thousands of numbers in different countries, making business significantly easier at a fraction of the cost of conventional long distance providers.


Call termination is the reverse scenario of call origination. Where origination is when a call is begins on the public switched telephone network, and ends with a VoIP call, call termination is when a call begins with VoIP, and is completed through the public switched telephone network.

Most VoIP providers have call termination services available in their basic VoIP package, making the market extremely competitive. A competitive market means that now is a great time to get a quote on wholesale VoIP carriers, especially if you're looking for one that provides call termination.

Toll Free

Toll free VoIP numbers are a growing trend in business, allowing companies to provide a cost-free way for their customers to call them. A toll free VoIP number is also significantly cheaper to maintain than a conventional toll free number, especially when purchased directly from the wholesale provider.

Many wholesale carriers offer a a toll free VoIP number, which can not only help your customer relations, but improve your company overall with helpful customer input.

International A-Z

International A-Z refers to companies that can offer call termination service in every country, A through Z. Many wholesale VoIP carriers can offer termination in other countries, and sometimes it is in all countries from A to Z, depending on the company and how much your business is ready to spend.

Not only will international termination capability allow your company a serious amount of flexibility abroad, you can find low-cost termination routes that offer the kind of features and rates that will allow your company to run more smoothly and cost effectively.

Metro Ethernet

Metro Ethernet is a computer network that connects metropolitan areas to the Internet using the Ethernet standard. It allows large areas to connect to a network, as well as allowing businesses to plug their different branches into the same network. Ethernet provides cost-effective bandwidth as well as the reliable connectivity your business needs to function.

Wholesale carriers that provide this option can help you save money on maintenance costs above as well as labor costs.

FCC E-911 Compliant

In order to comply with the FCC, all VoIP providers have to be able to transmit all 911 phone calls to the proper public safety authority. Many wholesale carriers can aid with this compliance, helping to make your business not only legal, but your phone system safe.


Most wholesale VoIP carriers offer VoIP fax options that are not only reliable, but loaded with features, including fax to email and mobile services that allow customers to send and receive faxes from anywhere.

Buying fax services from a wholesale VoIP provider can save money, but it can also, and maybe more importantly, save time and energy through effective and fast VoIP services.


API, or Application Programming Interface, is a system of rules and functions that can allow you to build your own private VoIP services. A customizable VoIP service plan from a wholesale carrier can allow you to do a multitude of things with your phone plan, from billing to network control.

VoIP Hosting Collocation

One way to reduce telecommunication costs is to avoid expensive on site telecommunication equipment.

VoIP hosting, or the maintenance of your VoIP phone system by provider off site, and collocation, which is off site data management, can be big time and money savers. When you factor in maintenance, employees paid to run it, and the potential for damage to your company's data, having an on site telecommunication framework is inevitably more expensive.