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Let’s face it, there are endless amounts of information on the Internet covering every aspect of the Telecommunications Industry. So much in fact, it can be outright discouraging trying to determine the most suitable long distance carrier or how VOIP might really benefit your home or business. The Digest exists as a trusted industry resource taking the “finger work” out of potentially hours of research and telecom company comparisons. The Digest strives to offer an easy to navigate, rich interactive website where its visitors can find the information they’re looking for. Whether it’s the latest news, company press releases, or interest in a specific product or service, The Digest offers a simplified approach to finding solutions that will keep you “Telecom Savvy.”

Behind the scenes here at The Digest, I have constructed a tireless force of knowledgeable staff dedicated to making The Digest a robust online resource that is both educational and informative, serving consumers and businesses alike. Within The Digest, it is my goal to provide the tools to research and understand this vast industry in an effort to help our visitors make better informed decisions. Thank you for visiting The Digest and check back with us frequently to learn the latest and greatest developments in the advancing world of Telecommunications.

The History of the Digest

The Digest was (unofficially) brought into existence as Discount Long Distance Digest in December of 1993. Back in the “Ice Age” days of the Internet it was nearly impossible to find information on long distance and long distance resale, and outside of industry professionals, no one was really looking. Nonetheless, there was a need for these early web surfers to be able to collaborate with each other regarding the latest Telecom Industry news. Originally, DLD Digest was a free online newsletter covering topics surrounding Distributor/Agent news and has continually evolved over the years into the comprehensive telecom website that we know today as The Digest.


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