People Search by Address

The following are independent reviews of websites with People Search by Address listings. We do not have any affiliation or financial ties to the websites below. Of course, like the Internet itself, all websites are subject to change. (If the links don't work, tell us!)

Infobel - Search residential listings by address. One of the few decent completely free people search by address websites left. Contains listings not just in the U.S., but from all over the world. For the most part you will only find addresses that are listed in local telephone books or directory assistance. Enter an address and it will give you a name and phone number.

PrivateEye.Com - Provides you with more info than you will find on any other free website.

Although this page is a gateway for a paid service, a search for person by address provides you with an almost shocking amount of free information. A quick check of my own address found the names of practically everyone who had lived here in the past 30+ years. You'll have to guess which addressee is the most current occupant though. Entering a street address will return a name, age, names of possible relatives and both former and current cities (if they have since moved) that occupant has lived in. This website will provide you with the most listed and unlisted results of any we have seen. It also provides some very inaccurate data in some cases as well though.