White Page People Search

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White Page People Search

AnyWho - AT&T's Anywho service, fast and effective. Has map links.

Bigfoot - Bigfoot's People Search. Select the White Pages checkbox (default search is email). Simple search, but also gives names sounding "similar".

Infobel - Nationwide directory. fast and effective. Has map and direction links.

InfoSpace - Has feature to search a metro area or the region near a specified city. More of a search engine now.

InfoUSA - American Directory Assistance from InfoUSA. Can't do national search, state is required.

Switchboard - Another good national directory. Cluttered search page. Has neighborhood maps.

US Search - If you can't find it on a free telephone directory, US SEARCH is certainly the service that will find the information you are looking for. You will get an instant online report.

Whitepages.com - Nationwide search for people.

WhoWhere - Lycos WhoWhere people finder. Now under its own domain.

Yahoo - Yahoo's Telephone Search page. Has maps also, and email search.