Announces the Top 5 Residential VoIP Providers for Cheap Calling to Moms Everywhere on Mother’s Day

May 01, 2013

One of the most thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts doesn’t fit into a shopping cart. A phone call to Mom on her special day is not only a great gift, but a cheap one too.

Phone calls to Mom don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. VoIP, also called Internet calling, is the cheapest residential phone service on the market. Traditional phone calling uses copper landlines to make phone calls. Unfortunately for traditional users, copper landlines require continual upkeep, which result in upkeep fees on their monthly bill. Internet calling doesn't use landlines, which makes it cheaper.

Mom always talked about the importance of a discount, which is exactly what users get each time they make a VoIP discount phone call. In honor of Mother’s Day and discount calling, The Digest announces the top 5 residential VoIP providers for cheap calling to Moms everywhere on Mother’s Day.

1. VOIPo

VOIPo is one of the absolute cheapest residential VoIP providers out there. VOIPo users only have to pay $6.21/month per line with a two-year contract for unlimited calling throughout the US and Canada. And just because VOIPo calling plans are cheap, that doesn’t mean that VOIPo skimps out on features. Users get over 40 monthly features, like caller ID, call blocking, and 3-way calling.

2. Axvoice

Axvoice offers unlimited nationwide calling, which is perfect for calling Mom no matter where she lives. Users never have to worry about long distance fees or minute overage fees as they talk to Mom on Mother’s Day, or all year around, for that matter. Aside from unlimited nationwide calling, users also get features like 3-way calling, calling forwarding, and voicemail. Axvoice’s residential VoIP plans start at $8.25/month per line.

3. Phone Power

Mom always stressed the importance of a good deal, and Phone Power has one of the best available VoIP discount calling plans. Phone Power users can buy one year of VoIP service and get the next year free. Users pay a one-time fee of $199 for two years of service, which equals out to about $8.29/month line. Phone Power also offers its users mobile VoIP capabilities with its iPhone app. Users can call Mom on the cheap and on the go for two years in a row.


Moms will love’s virtual numbers option. Virtual numbers are phone numbers that users buy and customize with any area code of their choosing. All calls to and from that area code become cheap local calls. This means that all calls to Mom, and all calls she makes in return, result in cheap local calls. offers their basic home VoIP plan for $14.95/month with a two year contract.

5. ITP

Sometimes Mom doesn’t live in the US, which makes ITP the perfect home VoIP provider for discount VoIP international calls to Mom on Mother’s Day. For $24.99/month per line, users have unlimited access to 60 countries worldwide, including Germany, Mexico, and Greece. In additional to its cheap monthly rates, ITP also offers its users the option of international virtual numbers. All calls to Mom, or any other loved ones, to Italy, or Japan, or the UK become cheap local calls throughout the year. Or course, if users only need unlimited calling in the US or Canada, ITP does offer its most basic plan at only $9.99/month per line.

With VoIP, users can enjoy cheap calling to Mom on Mother’s Day, and all year long. Mom will appreciate the calls, and users will appreciate the cheap phone bill at the end of each month.