Declares the Top 3 Ways VoIP Helps People Cut Phone Bills and Save Money this Presidents' Day

Feb 15, 2013

(PRWEB) February 15, 2013

Presidents’ Day. A time to reflect on our forefathers and the monuments, the state names, and the dollar bills that bear their names. Americans already have a ton of monthly expenses, but this Presidents’ Day, VoIP cuts the monthly phone bill in half, if not more.

VoIP is the cutting edge phone technology that connects users around the US and around the world for low prices. VoIP allows phone calls to take place over the Internet instead of over landlines, which makes calls cheaper and unlimited.

In honor of Presidents’ Day, The Digest announces the top 3 ways that VoIP helps users keep some extra Benjamins, Lincolns, and Jacksons in their wallets.

1. Unlimited, Nationwide calling

President William Harrison had the longest inaugural speech in history at over an hour and 40 minutes. VoIP is the perfect fit for long-winded talkers who like to talk for hours. Every VoIP provider offers unlimited nationwide calling throughout the US as long as both parties have Internet access. This is wildly cheaper than traditional service and without those roaming charges. For instance, VoIP provider ITP offers their starting unlimited plan for $8.32/month per user, and VoIP users pay only $6.21/month per user. For less than one Hamilton a month, VoIP users can cheaply call friends in Washington DC, cousins in Washington state, siblings in Jefferson City, or parents living on Polk St, San Francisco.

President Martin Van Buren is credited with inventing the word “ok” during his presidential campaign of 1836, and what better way to celebrate Presidents’ Day than by saying “hey there” and “I’m doing ok” to friends and loved ones nationwide?

2. Portable Area Codes

President Herbert Hoover was the first president born west of the Mississippi, and President Barack Obama is the first president born in the last state admitted into the union (Hawaii). No matter where people come from, VoIP keeps long distance calls back home cheap local calls. VoIP users have the option of picking a phone number with any area code they want, which makes each outgoing and incoming call from that area code a cheap local call. Most residential VoIP providers, like, offer local number portability as a free feature of their standard phone package. Users can pick from hundreds of area codes to match the location of their most frequently-called city.

VoIP keeps American families together, even when they are hundreds of miles and time zones apart.

3. International rates

President Theodore Roosevelt was the first sitting president to travel overseas to represent the US, traveling to Panama in 1906. These days Americans make about 61.5 million trips outside the United States each year, and they need a phone service that travels with them. VoIP service has the very cheapest international rates out there. VoIP provider BroadVoice offers an international plan of $19.95/month per user to over 29 major countries, like Germany, Hong Kong, the UK, and Chile, and Axvoice users can buy their international plan of $16.58/month per user for calls to 45 countries including Guam, Ireland, France, and Sweden.

Americans love to travel, and they deserve the right to cheap international phone calls when they do.

This Presidents’ Day, VoIP users everywhere can honor the forefathers of this country by keeping them more of them in their bank accounts. And every American could use a few extra Washingtons, Lincolns, Hamiltons, Jacksons, Grants, and Benjamins in their wallet.