Releases the Most Important 4 Steps in Getting Low Cost International VoIP Calling

Apr 24, 2013

Lots of people know that VoIP is a great option for low cost international calls. Because VoIP providers use the Internet instead of copper landlines to send calls, it is easy for them to send calls anywhere in the world for a very low cost.

However, not all customers know how to go about getting low cost or free international calls with VoIP, so The Digest has decided to release a list of the most important steps to follow when looking for low cost international calls with VoIP.

1.) Decide between a free VoIP solution for individual calls or a regular monthly VoIP plan

Customers can get VoIP for their regular monthly phone service, or they can use certain VoIP providers for limited free international calling whenever they need it, rather than pay a regular monthly service. Usually, calls between people who use the same VoIP service are no-cost, so international calls between two people on Skype will not have a fee, regardless of the locations of the two callers, across the city or across the world. However, VoIP monthly service is cheap, as cheap as $5/month, so people interested in low-cost calling, especially those who make regular international calls should seriously consider residential or business VoIP service.

2.) Choose the best VoIP service provider

Many VoIP providers offer special deals on international calling. Some offer 60 minutes of international calling every month at no extra cost. Some offer unlimited no-cost minutes to certain countries. Some offer low monthly costs on plans designed specifically to include unlimited international calling. Some offer VoIP calling card services for temporary international calling privileges. Figure out the most appropriate plan before buying.

3.) Set Up an IP-Enabled Device

Customers can do VoIP calling from any IP-enabled device including tablets, computers, and smartphones. VoIP is ready out of the box for use on any computer, but to use VoIP on a smartphone or tablet, customers may first need to download a mobile app version of the VoIP service. Sometimes, these mobile apps are included at no extra charge with a regular monthly VoIP plan from many major providers.

4.) Make an International Call

With the device and service all set up, customers will be ready to make free international calls whenever they want. If friends, relatives, or coworkers use the same VoIP service, customers can make free VoIP-to-VoIP calls regardless of location, but there may be some restrictions. For example, a customer may not be able to call any phone number, but should be able to call another VoIP customer’s “account” regardless of location. However, if a customer has settled on a regular monthly plan, there should be few to no restrictions on their unlimited international calling.