Announces the 5 Best Residential Providers for Making Cheap International Calls on Earth Day

Apr 13, 2013

It’s nearly Earth Day! And what better way to celebrate than with some global calling? International calling isn’t cheap with traditional phone providers, which is why VoIP phone service makes all the difference in the world for anyone who needs to make any international calls.

VoIP, or “Voice over Internet Protocol”, is the technology behind cheap Internet telephony service. According to VoIp expert Rachel Greenberg, VoIP calls are much easier to send than traditional analog calls, which is why VoIP providers can offer dirt cheap global prices. Most VoIP providers offer rates at pennies a minute, and many of them offer special unlimited international calling plans.

In honor of Earth Day, The Digest announces the five best residential providers for making cheap international calls.

1. BroadVoice

BroadVoice has some of the cheapest international calling plans around. Their starting plan, called the Unlimited World Plan, runs for $19.95/month per line and has unlimited calling to 28 countries like Spain, Chile, and Germany. The next tier is the Unlimited Global Plus Plan for $24.95/month per line and has unlimited calling to 75 countries like Mexico, Peru, and Austria. And finally, there is the Unlimited World Premium Plan for $49.95/month per line for unlimited calling for an astounding 87 countries, including Uganda, Kuwait, and Kenya. No matter where users need to call, BroadVoice has them covered.

2. is a great residential VoIP provider for callers who only need an hour of international calling a month to catch up with loved ones and friends living abroad. offers 60 no-charge international minutes each month to over 55 countries, including Italy, New Zealand, Romania, and the UK. Users who talk a little more can sign up for’s International Global Plus Plan, with 1200 free international minutes/month per line.

3. ITP

To start with, ITP has one of the very best international calling plans for users. For $24.99/month users get access to unlimited calling to over 60 countries, like China, Greece, Sweden, Turkey, and France. ITP users can also utilize the Universal Numbers option. Users are able to pick a phone number with an international area code of their choosing, and each phone call to and from that country becomes a cheap local call. That way, it’s cheap for users calling from the US and for the international callers calling to the US.

4. Phone Power

Phone Power gives its users 60 no-cost international calling minutes per month to over 55 countries around the world. This hour is included at no extra cost in the residential package at a cheap $14.95/month per user. If users want to talk a little more each month, they can purchase Phone Power’s International Plus Plan, which gives them 1200 additional international minutes every month. Phone Power also offers an iPhone app option so users on the go can call their international loved ones on Earth Day no matter where they’re located.

5. VOIPo

VOIPo is a good fit for home VoIP callers who only need to make a few international calls a month. VOIPo offers 60 no-cost international minutes each month to all of its users. For an extra $7.95/month, users can get 1200 free international minutes each month. VOIPo is already incredibly cheap to begin with, with their monthly service running for a low $6.21/month per line. With all that extra cash, users can purchase plane tickets to visit loved ones next Earth Day instead of just giving them a call.

On Earth Day, it’s important to think of the planet and the loved ones living all over the world. Keeping in touch with international loved ones shouldn’t be expensive, and with VoIP technology, it isn’t. VoIP providers, with their unlimited and cheap international capabilities make it cheaper and easier to stay connected to global friends and family on Earth Day and all year round.