Press Weighs in on How VoIP Helps Businesses Save Money with Remote Employees

Recently, Yahoo! started a firestorm with their decision to stop using remote employees by June 1st. Remote workers from a wide variety of professional backgrounds have fired back in defense of working from home. In a 2012 study done by the Labor Bureau, about 15% of US workers work remotely, and this flexibility “seems to boost productivity, decrease absenteeism, and increase retention,” according to the Bureau’s findings.

The secret to having successful remote employees is good communication, and a good business VoIP service is one of the best ways for companies to stay in contact with their workers and for their workers to stay up-to-date with the company. Unveils the 3 Most Important Questions a Customer Should Ask Before Choosing a Business VoIP Solution

Just as residential customers enjoy immense savings with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service, business owners are discovering that VoIP. However, before deciding on a specific VoIP service, it's important to first consider all of the options available in business VoIP.

Typically, those options boil down to an on-premise IP PBX with a SIP trunk, or a hosted PBX service. “IP PBX” is the general name for the hardware or software that connects calls between extensions through an Internet protocol connection. If a business wants to manage their office phone system as an in-house operation, they can choose a hardware or software IP PBX which they maintain themselves, and outfit it with a SIP trunking service from a business VoIP provider. Announces the Top 4 Business VoIP Providers for Cheap International Calls to China

Calls to China don't have to cost the same as a flight to China. With most international rates with traditional telephone providers at skyhigh prices, technology like VoIP keeps phone calls to China cheap. China is an important business partner to many companies in the US, with many trade agreements, innovative business partnership, and high volume of international supply and demand. It's important to stay connected with international neighbors, but at a cheap cost and with reliable service. This is why so many companies are choosing to go with VoIP telephone service.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is an Internet technology that allows phone calls to take place over the Internet instead of the traditional method of making phone calls over landlines or cellular towers. The Internet is expansive enough and cheap enough that companies find great value in switching to VoIP service for its cheap international calling capabilities, as well as its low rates on calling throughout the US. Reveals the Best Residential VoIP Providers for Long Distance Calling

Baseball’s spring training swings back up this February 22nd in baseball parks around Arizona and Florida. Baseball Mobile fans need a mobile and unlimited kind of phone service, and VoIP is the best choice for baseball fans and long distance talkers alike.

VoIP is the technology that allows phone calls to take place over the Internet instead of the old fashioned method of making phone calls over landlines or through cellular towers. Going through the Internet provides a cheap and unlimited phone service, which is great for long distance and long winded fans. Declares the Top 3 Ways VoIP Helps People Cut Phone Bills and Save Money this Presidents' Day

Presidents’ Day. A time to reflect on our forefathers and the monuments, the state names, and the dollar bills that bear their names. Americans already have a ton of monthly expenses, but this Presidents’ Day, VoIP cuts the monthly phone bill in half, if not more.

VoIP is the cutting edge phone technology that connects users around the US and around the world for low prices. VoIP allows phone calls to take place over the Internet instead of over landlines, which makes calls cheaper and unlimited. Celebrates the Top 3 Ways VoIP Helps Businesses Go Green

Whether they’re turning off the water while they brush their teeth, or shutting off the lights when they leave a room, Americans are making a conscious effort to minimize their environmental impacts. For environmentally aware business owners, VoIP systems can offer a greener alternative to traditional phone service.

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, provides businesses with eco-friendly options, which can cut down on carbon emissions, utilities usage, and wasted supplies. The Digest has therefore released the top three ways in which a VoIP system can help businesses go green: Reveals the Top Ways VoIP Saves College Students and Parents Big Bucks

Time to go back to school. Let’s be honest here, second semester always starts in gloom. The holidays are over. The weather is cold. Monday, January 21st is known to be the saddest day of the year.

As students trudge back to class, parents will want to know that they can at least keep in contact. VoIP is a great option for parents who want to find an affordable phone service for their student’s dorm or apartment. College students already spend lots of time online, and VoIP is just an Internet call away. Announces the 5 Best VoIP Providers for Romantic Calling this Valentine's Day

When a sweetheart is too far away for chocolates, long distance romantics can call loved ones with a VoIP service this Valentine’s Day.VoIP (“Voice over Internet Protocol”) is the cheapest way for couples, families, and friends to stay connected this holiday and this year round.

Accordingly, The Digest has announced the best VoIP Providers for romantic calls this Valentine’s Day. Announces the Must-Have Mobile VoIP Apps of 2013

Customers love VoIP for the great improvements in mobility that their VoIP services lend them. In order to facilitate VoIP on-the-go, numerous VoIP providers now offer mobile VoIP apps for smartphones. These mobile apps allow users to send and receive calls with their VoIP accounts on their iPhones, Androids, and BlackBerries.

One major benefit of downloading a VoIP provider’s mobile VoIP app is that users connect to their VoIP plans for free calling instead of their wireless plans for inbound and outbound calls, which as a result does not eat up their cell phone minutes. Additionally, users can access their usual business call features such as three-way calling, conference calling, and call waiting with the mobile apps as well. Announces the Top 5 Reasons Customers Turn to VoIP Service to Save Money and Cut Phone Bills

TechNavoi recently estimated that the VoIP industry will see a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 10.15 percent in the four year period between 2012 and 2016. While this estimated figure is largely based on an expected increase in the number of VoIP providers on the market, it is also related to a forthcoming surge in customers switching from traditional phone companies to VoIP.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a technology that uses the Internet to transmit phone calls instead of the traditional phone line. While users are increasingly drawn to this form of Internet telephony,The Digest has set out to reveal some of the reasons why VoIP continues to draw in more customers every day.