Getting Started as a Telecom Agent


Getting Started as a Telecom Agent

Getting started in the telecom agent business is cheap. Which is good news.

The best news is, you can get started earning money today with little to no start-up capital. If you are able to read and understand the materials on this page, you already have enough potential to start your own telecom business.

The best place to get information on selling telecom services today is via the Internet. If you have Internet access, you are already half-way there. You can start earning money literally within 24 hours of reading this page!

What else do you need? We would recommend a fax machine, or at least having a number that you can send/receive faxes from. You can use your local Mailboxes, Etc. or Postal Annex (or something else like that), if you don't have a dedicated machine and line at home.

You may want to try a Business VoIP Service Provider or an Internet Fax service. Long Distance selling may have changed, but you can still make money as an affiliate.

We would also highly recommend reading as many books as you can about sales, marketing and the telecom business. You can find some great books on our website and others.

Generally speaking, no special licenses or permits are needed in the U.S. to become an independent sales agent. If you decide to create a business name, you will likely need to fill-out a fictitious name statement, which can be obtained at your county courthouse. You may also need a simple city or county business license, depending on where you live.