How to Market?


How to Market?

You must also decide exactly how you will approach your customers for their business. The number of ways that you can make sales in this business is truly as limitless as your imagination.

You may decide to market your services solely via the Internet. Although there are literally THOUSANDS of others already doing the same thing, it is not impossible to succeed in Internet-only telecommunications sales.

With new users joining the Internet each and every day, there will always be room for more competition. Although a large portion of my own personal income is derived from selling telecom services via the Internet, I do not feel at all threatened by the growing number of telecom sales websites. Truly, if I felt that my livelihood was being threatened by competition, I would not be writing a page on how to (essentially) compete against me! There are more than enough customers in this industry to go around.

There are plenty of other ways to market telecom services as well. Some of the more popular methods include telemarketing, direct mail, personal referrals, paid advertising in print, radio and television, door to door, networking with friends and business associates, forming "affinity" relationships with large groups or organizations, promoting services at live events, multilevel sales, affiliate marketing, etc.

People are making money by marketing telecom services in hundreds of ways. No one way is best, however only one way is best for YOU. Simply find a marketing method that you are personally most comfortable with and enjoy the most. You will experience the greatest success with whatever method you have the most confidence in.