Look Out!


Look Out!

Beware of vendors who are wolves in sheep's clothing. Many people may offer to sell you a telecom "business opportunity." Some companies rely on multilevel sales agents to convince you to cough-up a few hundred dollars for a "sales kit." Don't fall for it!

The one thing that these scams have in common is the fact that they all charge a mandatory (non-refundable) up-front fee, and they all try to convince you to collect this same fee from others in order to make money. These companies aren't really selling telecommunications services, they are selling a "business opportunity." The fact that they also sell phone service is incidental to their real motives.

There are also a few programs out there which try to sell their program as some sort of "franchise", and request several thousand dollars up-front. Most of these are scams as well. These companies typically do not provide anything that most vendors will not supply you for free, or at least at cost. There is no "ground floor opportunity" in the telecom industry, so if you start hearing aggressive pitches from a potential vendor, and they start asking you for money, start looking elsewhere.

No reputable telecom vendor will charge you anything beyond their own cost for sales materials, manuals or other sales aids. If you are asked to spend $100 on a "sales kit" that consists of an audiotape, sales manual and a few order forms, you are being suckered into a biz-op scheme, and not dealing with a legitimate telecom vendor.

Legitimate telecom vendors make money WITH their agents, not FROM their agents! This business is about saving people money, not costing them money! Most of these programs charge their customers rates that are no better than AT&T, MCI or Sprint, when you take their monthly service charges and fees into account. Sales agents for these companies are helping no one but themselves, and the company they work for. If you don't feel right about what you are selling, and you aren't really helping people, you should find a different vendor to work with.

Regardless of how much money you make, anyone who makes a living by selling a product or service to someone that is not a good deal for them is a failure, in my book. No amount of money can make up for the fact that you are taking money out of people's pockets. It's no better than stealing. Stick with legitimate telecommunications sales. There may be no get-rich-quick, but you will sleep a lot better at night!