Selling Long Distance - Making Money Helping Others


Selling Long Distance - Making Money Helping Others

One of the greatest things about this business is the fact that you actually get paid to help others. It's a fact that the average American overpays for their phone service. You can actually earn money by providing consumers with better service than they are getting now at better rates. It's a win-win situation for everyone involved.

For those of you who can't stomach the idea of being a "salesperson", just look at it this way: If you saw someone's wallet being stolen, wouldn't you want to let the person know about it? Well, companies like AT&T are actually "picking the pockets" of the average American consumer each and every day. What's worse, it's usually consumers who can least afford to waste money that are being victimized. You can stop these corporate "thieves" dead in their tracks today, by becoming a consumer advocate and recommending the services of discount telecom providers.

By becoming an independent telecommunications sales agent, you will not only be helping those in need, you will be earning a good living from it in the process. Consider it a finder's fee you are collecting for helping others. Believe me, it feels great to help others save money.

If you still feel uncomfortable about "selling" telecommunications service, try finding a great provider with fantastic rates. Become an agent for them and let everyone know about the great deal you have found. Sign-up your friends and associates on the service and donate your commissions to charity.

It may not feel like "selling" at all to you, because it isn't! A good salesperson's job is simply to help people with their buying decisions. That's all. Once you are comfortable with the concept of sales as a way to help others, you should gain the confidence you need to succeed in this business.