The Snowball Effect


The Snowball Effect

Many independent agents quit after just a few months because they are not making what they thought they would when they first started in the business. Unfortunately, these agents will never live to see what I call the "snowball effect".

Trust me, there is no legitimate way to "get rich quick" in the telecommunications sales business. If anyone tells you otherwise, hold on to your pocketbook! The only way to make a large, long-term income in this business is to keep adding customers until you experience the "snowball effect".

Believe me, it won't happen overnight, but it will happen eventually, if you work smart and work hard (in THAT order!). Your sales may be only a trickle at first, but just like a snowball rolling downhill, your sales will eventually reach the momentum needed to create an avalanche of income. All of your hard work WILL eventually pay-off, if you hang-in there and are determined to make your business work.

How do I know? I started out in this industry with NO experience, NO industry knowledge, and absolutely NO confidence. Time will take care of all three for you. Just be determined to work as hard as it takes, and as long as it takes. You WILL eventually succeed.