Your Target Market


Your Target Market

Just as important as deciding WHAT services to sell is WHO you are going to sell them to.

Will you be selling service to residential customers or servicing commercial accounts? It's obviously easiest to approach those you know when you first get started. That generally means selling residential long distance service.

Keep in mind, there are plenty of residential accounts out there, but you've got to sell a LOT of them in order to make any real money! When I say a "lot" of them, I mean just that. You will need to have literally thousands of residential customers in order to make a good living as an independent telecommunications sales agent.

Selling to business customers will make you a lot more money, but knowing how to approach these customers and being able to support them is a bit more difficult. These large customers expect you to know what you are talking about when it comes to telecommunications. You should have a professional appearance and attitude. You should also be able to answer technical questions about the products and services you offer.

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Starting out selling residential service is the easiest way to go. Once you have gotten your feet wet selling a few accounts, you will gain experience and confidence (and a few dollars as well!) that will give you a solid foundation for approaching larger customers.

Remember, in the telecom industry it does NOT matter how many accounts you sell. It DOES matter how much service (revenue) your customers use though, as you will be paid a commission based on your customer's total monthly billings.