Residential International Calling

If you're making international calls from your home, you're probably spending a lot of money with your conventional phone provider.

VoIP phones can help ease the burden of those bills.

VoIP phone systems use the internet as a platform for making phone calls instead of a conventional hard-line phone system. This makes the cost of making international calls significantly cheaper. You can pay as little as 2 cents a minute with most VoIP providers, with he added bonus of most plans making calls to the US and Canada free.

VoIP phones are a great international calling option for families with loved ones working abroad, or serving overseas in the military. With VoIP calling, you can video chat with someone internationally for a much lower cost than a conventional phone system.

Why is VoIP great for international calling?

Saving on International Calling Costs

International calling over conventional phone lines can be costly, partially due to the amount of bandwidth and partially due to the cost of infrastructure. By utilizing internet technology to transmit calls, VoIP (which stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol) is able to operate at a much lower cost than conventional phones, making for much lower prices for the consumer. Depending on where you call and how frequently, VoIP can save you a huge amount of money, which can only help any household.

Perks and Features

International residential calls provide the versatility that are always more expensive with conventional phone providers:

Video Calling

The next best thing to seeing someone in person is video calling, which in this day and age is a must for those that do business overseas or have loved ones living abroad. Most VoIP providers feature video calling in their packages for a small increase in price, and some VoIP providers like Skype have video calling for free. Additionally, the video quality of these residential international calls is getting better and better as this rapidly growing industry becomes more competitive.


One of the best features that comes with some VoIP providers is the chat feature. This enables you to chat with other people abroad in scenarios where you may not have time for phone call. This is also a good way to relay a short message to someone in a different country.


Speakerphone makes any international communicating easier, for obvious reasons, as multiple people can speak to each other at once. Speakerphone while using international VoIP is an especially good feature for those with families living out of the country.