Residential Long Distance

Paying too much for residential long distance?

With residential VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service, you won't pay extra for a long distance call ever again.

VoIP has completely changed residential long distance. Using the power of technology, your long distance rates will be minimal, and in some cases non-existent, with VoIP residential long distance.

Compare the VoIP providers below to find the best fit.

Or keep reading to learn how you can use VoIP instead of a traditional long distance company.

How has VoIP changed residential long distance?

VoIP uses the Internet to route calls; traditional long distance companies use a variety of networks and interchanges to route the call. With this setup, each long distance adds a small charge to the call, eventually jacking up the rate. Since VoIP doesn't use these other companies and doesn't have to pay them, VoIP long distance doesn't add a charge.

So, VoIP cuts out the middlemen.

Additionally, because of the way that it routes calls, VoIP makes every call a local call. Instead of using multiple long distance companies in a long train, VoIP sends the call to the local network of the region being called.

Why should I use VoIP instead of a long distance company?

1 reason: VoIP residential long distance is cheaper than traditional long distance.

Most of the VoIP providers above include long distance calls in the cost of their subscription; in fact, most VoIP providers don't charge extra for long distance calls.

If you happen to get a metered VoIP plan, you will pay the same amount for a local call as you will for a long distance call. And usually that per-minute cost is low.

What do I need to use VoIP?

  • A high speed internet connection
  • A VoIP service provider
  • A computer with a headset or an IP phone.

You can also use an analog telephone adapter to convert your traditional phone for use with VoIP.

Check your connection speed with our VoIP speed test to see if you can get VoIP with your current internet connection.

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