Small Offices and Home Offices can save money and increase productivity with VoIP. By being cheaper, easier, and more versatile, VoIP services can aid any Small Office or Home Office in streamlining day to day activities. 

Hosted VoIP and Virtual PBX both give Small Offices and Home Offices the features and flexibility they need to function. The VoIP system's multiple uses allow the small or home office to customize telecommunications in a way that is the most  helpful and cost effective.

Compare and shop for SOHO-ready VoIP service plans. Pick the provider that offers you the features you need.

SOHO VoIP saves money

Compare the prices above with your current bill for phone service. Compare the features you get, too.

See the difference?

VoIP phone service is much cheaper than traditional phone service. Instead of paying $40 to $50 a month for business phone service, you'll pay $20 to $30 a month. You also don't have to pay for long distance calls, either. With VoIP, long distance calls and local calls cost the same amount.

Not only do you get unlimited local and long distance calling in almost every case, you also get the ability to grow your business - easily.

SOHO VoIP saves time

New extensions and new users can usually be added, online, in a few minutes and fully customized in a few more minutes.

Furthermore, SOHO allows you to use excellent features like Find Me/Follow Me, enhanced voicemail, and auto attendants. Each of these features will increase your efficiency. Learn about these features and more, in detail, on our VoIP Features and Definitions page.