Top 10 VoIP Providers

VoIP providers number in the hundreds. We’ve sorted through them all and chosen our top 10.

The below VoIP service providers may not be the cheapest, but we’ve rated them according to their excellent service, reasonable prices, and features to match. That’s what the best VoIP companies should have.

How to Compare VoIP Phone Service Providers

Price. Features. Plans. Reliability. All are important facets to comparing VoIP providers.

Make sure to read TheDigest for reviews and detailed information on VoIP. Start at the VoIP FAQ if you need to learn more of the basics.

Look around for:

  • Fair use limit
  • International calls
  • Equipment types
  • Plan type

Fair Use Limit

Knowing the Fair Use Limit is important because it tells you how many minutes can use per month. On unlimited plans, a Fair Use Limit protects the network from overuse. If you exceed the set amount, you will be charged extra.

In an unlimited plan, the Fair Use Limit usually ranges from 5,000 to 10,000 calling minutes per user per month. Limit penalties can be harsh. Not only will you be charged the going rate per minute, you will likely have to pay a penalty fee on top of it. A service provider can also shut off your service completely. It’s recommended that you study and compare the Fair Use Limit of various VoIP providers. Much of the research here was compiled from

International Calls

VoIP has cheap international calls. International calling can be included in the monthly subscription, or it will be a metered rate per minute based on your country. Compare the rates to the countries you call the most to save money.

Equipment Types

Equipment types are good to understand when it comes to cost efficiency. In some cases, you will have to invest in your own equipment, while other plans provide the equipment. You need to know if the VoIP service provider supplies SIP trunking services.


Finally, what kind of plan do you want? Some VoIP companies only offer one type of plan, others have stepped plans. Know how many minutes you need and whether you want a metered or unlimited plan. Study the features that each VoIP provider offers and what differs between their plans.

Estimating what you need can save you money.

Price for VoIP Service

How much are you really paying? Bear these facts in mind:

  1. Taxes are not included in the above prices
  2. Porting fees apply if you are keeping your phone number.
  3. Additional phone numbers can cost extra if not included (typically $10-$20 or the price of a new plan)
  4. Additional minutes cost extra if you exceed the Fair Use Limit

What to Look For

So, here are the things to keep in mind when comparing the Top 10 VoIP providers:

  • read reviews
  • make sure you know what you want/need
  • go over features in each plan
  • compare price
  • read the terms and conditions