VoIP Calls

VoIP calls are often cheaper, of better quality, and have easy to use video capability. VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, which means calls are made using the internet instead of a conventional, hard-line telephone system.

VoIP use has been growing rapidly among both residences and business, as it is not only significantly cheaper than a regular phone system, but it can provide options like chat, video calling, and long distance rates at a fraction of conventional prices. VoIP also makes it possible to set up a toll-free number, an alternative virtual number, or keep your old number when you switch.

A VoIP system is almost always more flexible and inexpensive, especially for businesses that do a lot of outbound calling, or residences that need to call overseas.

What are the benefits of VoIP?

There are many advantages to making VoIP calls, all centered around affordability, efficiency, and variety.

VoIP saves money

Because of the significantly cheaper operating costs, VoIP services often come much cheaper than conventional phone service. Households and businesses can pay one low monthly rate, often at a fraction of the usual phone service. This is especially true for companies that make a lot of outbound calls.

VoIP is versatile

VoIP services can offer a nice variety of calling options, from video calling, to chatting, to 3-way calling and conference calls. These services can be helpful for businesses of any size, and residences that already have a high-speed internet provider. Additionally, many VoIP service providers can provide mobile VoIP services, allowing you all of the conveniences of VoIP services on the go. In today's cell phone saturated world, mobile VoIP can save a lot of money.

VoIP is great for long distance

One of the best features about VoIP services are that long distance is often significantly cheaper, as the internet is a much cheaper infrastructure on which to transmit calls long distances. Additionally, long distance video calling can be an excellent option for those with friends or family in other countries.

VoIP is great for businesses

A VoIP phone system is great for businesses because it saves money, and any time a company can save money, they benefit. But a VoIP phone system is also helpful for businesses because of some of the features it offers:

  • Inexpensive Extra Phone Lines
  • Video Calling
  • Call Management
  • Conference Calling
  • Call Management

Additionally, your company can save money by using a hosted PBX system, which saves on variables like maintenance office space.