Voip Deals | Voip Discounts

The current economy has forced companies and households alike to cut their budgets. On top of that, the VoIP market today is very competitive. VoIP can save you money, especially with cheap VoIP service deals.

Many VoIP providers offer a 3 month discount to start you out with no setup fee. Others offer 1 year for free if you pay for one year up front, such as VoIPo. Another offers 2 months of free service after 10 months paid.

Also, look for providers with no setup fee for a good starting deal.

Landline phone service prices do not compare to VoIP prices, much less the prices of VoIP deals. Traditional phone companies sometimes now offer “digital phone service,” which is marked-up VoIP. Better to go with a real VoIP company focused on VoIP features and services.

If you really want a VoIP deal, research and compare VoIP providers. Know:

  • whether you need business or residential VoIP
  • how many minutes you need per month
  • what features you want
  • how fast your Internet broadband connection is

Business and residential VoIP differ in what they offer, how they offer it, and for how much. Business VoIP is usually more expensive and has more practical office-focused features. Residential VoIP is more of a deal, and has features of its own included free with subscription (Caller ID, voicemail, etc).

However, residential VoIP cannot be used for business purposes. VoIP service providers want to supply all their users with bandwidth, and so they protect their network from overuse. Hence, it’s important to understand how many minutes you need.

You can get a deal if you know you don’t need unlimited calling. Metered rates are cheaper per month if you manage your time.

Make sure you look over what features a company offers. Feature choices are especially important for businesses, but homes need to decide as well. Do you want virtual hosting or hardware? Some VoIP providers have a discount for two lines.

Businesses have a wider range of choice. Business VoIP service providers can virtually host a system or it can be held on-site. Features include call holding, conference calling, auto attendant, extensions, and call transferring, among others.

One thing to always keep in mind is what kind of Internet connection you have. Broadband is absolutely necessary. Consider a faster plan to improve your VoIP service. It’s still a deal compared to Internet + landline local + landline long distance + any extra features you wanted.

For a really cool discount, call the customer service line and ask for a custom plan. Some VoIP providers will arrange a service plan just for you.