VoIP Providers

VoIP providers are companies that host your VoIP phone service. Each provider is different, though many have similar plans. We can help you choose the best VoIP for you.

Make sure to research plans from each VoIP provider to best suit your needs. Some VoIP service providers, for example, offer excellent long distance or international calling plans for those who call distant places frequently. Other providers have plans with unlimited minutes.

The table below compares VoIP service providers and their unlimited plans side by side.

There are hundreds of VoIP providers and many more kinds of plans. Make sure you read reviews, research, and know what features you want.

Plans vary and they’re worth shopping around for to get a good deal. For example, TelTub gHome starts at $5 a month, whereas ITP starts at $20 (both residential VoIP providers). It all depends on what kind of service and features you’re looking for.

Especially look for rates and information on:

  • international calling
  • monthly usage/unlimited calling
  • equipment provision

International calling is cheaper with VoIP service. If you make international calls, research which VoIP providers offer low-rate service to the country you contact the most.

Decide what kind of minutes you need. Many VoIP providers have both metered rates and unlimited monthly plans. If you know your monthly usage, you can make an informed decision when looking for a VoIP provider.

Keeping track of your minutes is crucial for unlimited calling. If you go over the Fair Use Limit, you will pay penalty fees. The Fair Use Limit protects VoIP provider networks from overuse and abuse, and the charges are high. Usually, unlimited plans cap at 3000-10,000 minutes per user per plan.

Also research what the VoIP provider supplies with their plans. Do they give you a free adapter? Is it a virtual system or do you need any hardware?


When reading reviews, pay attention to customer service. Was the VoIP provider helpful? Or did customer service blame the user for any problems? It’s important to find a reliable and helpful company.

Keep in mind that the more reviews a VoIP provider has, the longer it’s been around. Older companies have more experience and a reputation.