VoIP Providers in California

Are you looking for VoIP providers in California? Well, you're in luck, as quite a few business and residential VoIP phone service providers call the Golden State home. Not surprisingly, many of the VoIP providers in California are located in the Silicon Valley and in major metropolitan hubs such as Los Angeles and San Diego. A smaller number are based in the state's less populated Central Coast and Central Valley.

VoIP service providers — no matter where they're located — can help businesses and consumers lower their phone bills by offering free local calls and dramatically reduced long-distance call rates.

Our list of VoIP providers on The Digest should all serve California, regardless of their home state.

VoIP Advantages

Business VoIP providers offer competitive, feature-rich hosted or on-premise PBX solutions with a broad assortment of call routing options (including remote extensions and integrated cell phones) and call control features. Business VoIP phone service providers can offer small businesses an extensive array of services for considerably less than traditional PBX systems.

Residential VoIP phone service providers offer consumers a variety of no-contract, no-commitment calling plans. VoIP residential phone service providers often provide the premium services of standard telcos, such as caller ID and call-waiting, at no extra charge.

VoIP Providers in California

As a hub for technological innovation, it's no surprise that there are many VoIP providers based in California. A majority of the VoIP providers in California are focused primarily on the small business client, but some of the phone companies in California are also geared toward residential service.

Some California-based VoIP service providers are known brands with a large national footprint, and other California VoIP companies focus more on local and regional markets within the state.

VoIP providers in California can offer the same advantages of VoIP providers nationwide, but California VoIP companies may also offer the increased focus and rapid response time that comes from hiring a local business.

Business VoIP Providers in California

The small business VoIP providers in California tend to be hosted VoIP service providers offering multi-line service and advanced call routing features. Many of the most well-known, nationwide business VoIP companies are headquartered in California. These include RingCentral, Velocity and 8x8.

Business VoIP companies tend to offer tiered pricing for small businesses, or a basic set of standard options with a handful of monthly add-ons available (such as paperless faxing). The business VoIP features of a hosted PBX solution generally include threeway-calling, extension dialing, an automated attendant, call park, a directory, music on hold, and more.

Some business VoIP providers in California also offer wholesale services to other VoIP providers, including origination and termination services.

  • Velocity Networks
  • Broadcore
  • 8x8
  • Univoip
  • Adler Networks
  • Tierzero
  • Circuit ID
  • ISWest
  • Sterling Networks
  • ThirdWave IT
  • Fusion Communications, Inc.
  • VOIPo
  • DigiLink
  • Intelecis
  • Accurate Telecom
  • BandTel
  • DVV Networks
  • ABS Internet
  • 1Source VoIP
  • TinCanTalk
  • Kosmaz Technologies
  • Compel
  • RingCentral
  • VoIPFrog
  • CalComm
  • Xtelesis
  • SIP West
  • ATEL Communications
  • FastBlue
  • Eminent Communications
  • Voice Carrier
  • ROI Networks
  • Santa Cruz Telecom
  • AireSpring
  • Preferred Long Distance
  • Webco Communications
  • Easy Office Phone
  • TelePacific Communications
  • VoIP.com
  • SimpleSignal
  • TeleDynamic
  • National ComTel Network
  • Rubiconn
  • ZTelco
  • DataXTel
  • American Broadband Services
  • Freevoice Telecom
  • Integrated Telecom Services
  • TCAST Communications
  • SunStream Networks
  • NichPort
  • Unwired Broadband
  • Fortel
  • Advanced Micro Systems
  • Vintalk
  • iSave Telecom
  • Packet Fusion

Residential VoIP Providers in California

Home phone service providers in California are usually VoIP telephone carriers offering a range of monthly plans with set minute allotments and no term minimums, such as Phone Power or Telcentris. Some VoIP providers in California, such as TinCanTalk, Compel, or VOIPo, offer both residential and small business service plans.

The nationally known, California-based VoIP companies that provide residential broadband phone service to Internet phone customers nationwide include Ooma, VOIPo, and PhonePower. Local phone companies servicing a dedicated area include smaller telcos such as Santa Cruz Telecom and 101Netlink.

Residential VoIP Feature Options

Basic VoIP service by residential phone service providers is generally much more flexible and economical than standard residential phone service. With more convenience features such as voicemail and call forwarding and lower call rates both domestically and internationally — often with free long distance throughout the US and Canada — residential broadband phone is a cost-saving alternative to traditional home phone service. Residential VoIP companies such as VoIPVoIP even offer a pay-as-you-go plan with no monthly fees.

Some VoIP service providers in California, such as TinCanTalk, also feature options for a toll free number, Internet fax services, and an extra direct inward dialing (DID) number for additional monthly fees. The features available to customers of home phone service providers in California vary from plan to plan, provider to provider.