VoIP Providers in Chicago

Finding VoIP providers in Chicago is not a very difficult task.

If your goal is to find a local Chicagoland VoIP provider, Chicago's role as a communications hub makes it a simple search:

There are lots of VoIP providers in Chicago, and many of them specialize in VoIP services for business.

Chicago VoIP providers are much the same as VoIP service providers anywhere:

VoIP providers in Chicago offer inexpensive, reliable alternatives to traditional phone carriers.

While standard telephone companies charge small monthly fees for every feature, VoIP service providers typically offer flat, affordable monthly rates with an array of included features.

VoIP Service Providers Offer Advantages

Residential and small business VoIP providers tend to offer benefits such as free local and domestic long distance, and low international rates. Some VoIP service providers offer country-specific packages for international long distance, or the option to choose a phone number in another area code (so that out-of-town callers can dial local numbers to reach you). If your business is in Chicago, but your mother now lives in sunny Florida, using a VoIP provider means you can give her a Florida number that will reach you in Chicago. That way, you can still commiserate (inexpensively) over the Cubs.

VoIP phone service providers offer "extra" features such as caller ID or call waiting as standard with even the most basic VoIP phone service calling plan.

VoIP business providers offer even more benefits, with many call control features such as call hold, call park, voicemail-to-email, and call transfer included with basic service. Business VoIP service providers also tend to offer services such as an auto attendant, 3-way calling, and music-on-hold as the fundamental perks of a business VoIP calling plan.

Choosing a Chicago VoIP Service Provider

If most VoIP service providers offer inexpensive phone service with a range of included features, why choose one of the VoIP providers in Chicago? Whether it's hometown pride, a desire to support local businesses, or just the comfort and security that comes with knowing your VoIP service provider is nearby, there are many good reasons to choose a VoIP provider from Chicago:

  • Personalized service
  • Fast response times
  • Knowledge of the business and area
  • Possibility of routine service visits
  • Support the local economy
  • Conduct on-site network infrastructure assessment/design
  • Local inventory translates to quicker turnarounds

Chicago VoIP Service Providers

Some of the VoIP providers in Chicago offering both residential and business VoIP services are:

Chicago Business VoIP Providers

Chicago is a business town. It is known as the city of industry, after all. It's not surprising, then, that the majority of VoIP providers in Chicago are business VoIP providers. Some of them are even specialized, such as Openfax, which offers web-based fax services.

Most of the business VoIP providers in Chicago tailor their plans for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) or the small or home-based office (SoHo). Chicago-based Cloud Phone7 takes the notion of small business VoIP service to extremes, serving businesses with seven or fewer employees.

Chicago business VoIP providers are primarily hosted VoIP providers. While a few may work with you to establish a premise-based IP PBX solution, most offer hosted PBX VoIP services for business clients looking for a no-headache, cloud-based managed service.

  • S Net
  • Cloud Phone7
  • US Broadband Chicago
  • Wanetics
  • Innovative Networks
  • NetVoiceNow
  • Chicago Business VoIP
  • Chicago Micro
  • CTI
  • Mann Technology
  • Class Computing
  • Alchetec
  • Urban Communications
  • PBX in a Box
  • Syber Group
  • Leapfrog Technology Group

Specialized Chicago Business VoIP Services

Openfax is a Chicago business VoIP that offers Software as a Service (SaaS) with a singular VoIP focus: faxing over the Internet.

VoIP Plus offers wholesale services such as termination as well as hosted PBX services.

Residential VoIP Providers in Chicago

At least two companies specialize exclusively in Chicago residential VoIP service:

  • Rangatel

Chicago VoIP Consulting, System Design and Support Companies

Some Chicago business VoIP companies focus on consulting and network design, ensuring that their Chicago business VoIP clients receive the most efficient and tailored business VoIP solution. These Chicago-based VoIP companies will conduct needs assessments, make VoIP hardware and software recommendations, and arrange for VoIP service with providers. They will also install and service the VoIP network and its components.

  • NE Communications
  • emkal
  • Hallom
  • ChicagoNetTech Inc.
  • Techserv Corporation
  • Southwestern Telephone and Cable
  • Converged Communication Systems
  • Aqueity
  • TierOne Telecom
  • Telcom & Data Inc.
  • AT&D
  • Netrix
  • Fiber in the Sky (FITS)
  • Low Voltage Guys
  • Outsource Solutions Group
  • GCS
  • Pentegra
  • B&D Communications
  • CBI
  • Switchfast
  • Grapevine
  • Chicago Business VoIP Phone
  • Lambert Technology Solutions
  • Von Technologies
  • Seraph Technology Solutions