VoIP Providers in New York

If you're looking for VoIP providers in New York, you're in luck — there are probably more hosted VoIP providers in New York than any other state. And while a good many are scattered throughout the state, including upstate, there are quite a lot of VoIP providers based in New York City itself.

In fact, there are VoIP service providers in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and even out on Long Island.

One of the advantages of hosted VoIP service providers is that they provide inexpensive, reliable VoIP phone service no matter where you are located.

However, there are many advantages to using local New York VoIP providers.

VoIP providers in New York can offer additional features such as:

  • Consultation and network design
  • On-site service
  • Quicker response times
  • Personalized attention

Using a local provider for VoIP phone service may have other advantages as well. There's the business advantage of supporting the local economy. Also, VoIP providers in New York understand the needs of their customers, and the unique local infrastructure.

Using New York VoIP service providers can also result in a better, more personal business relationship. Business VoIP providers might be able to offer regular service calls, for instance — even when there isn't an issue to be resolved.

Some VoIP providers in New York are big names in business VoIP phone service. M5 Networks, for instance, is a nationally known business VoIP service provider. (Although it was purchased by ShoreTel in March of 2012, it still operates as M5 Networks and offers hosted VoIP phone service for businesses of any size.) Another well-known New York-based VoIP provider of residential VoIP service is ITP, which also specializes in business VoIP phone service. ViaTalk is also a big name in residential VoIP services and hosted VoIP for small businesses.

With so much competition between VoIP providers in New York, it can only benefit the New York VoIP phone service consumer.

Some of the VoIP providers in New York offering residential and business VoIP services are:

  • ITP
  • Endstream Communications
  • ViaTalk
  • Callcentric
  • Everglades Technologies
  • Axvoice
  • Nathtel
  • TheMultiVoIP
  • Nupocks
  • Radius Communications
  • Empire One Telecom
  • Master Call Communications
  • NiteVoIP
  • Skylink
  • Jivetel
  • Russtel

Business VoIP Providers in New York

These VoIP providers in New York are exclusively business VoIP service providers offering hosted VoIP services:

  • Junction Networks
  • Avad Technologies
  • FonAngle
  • Connect VoIP Networks
  • Fusion
  • Improcom
  • Hover Networks
  • CNY Communications
  • InstaDial
  • Kinetech Voice Technologies
  • M5 Networks
  • Logic Voice
  • Everest Broadband Networks
  • Logical Net
  • Intermedia
  • MicroV
  • nSpeak
  • I-Evolve
  • Vaspian
  • PriorityOne Networks
  • Special AI
  • ThinkBright
  • Transbeam
  • Rainbow Broadband
  • Voxline Networks
  • Cohere Communications
  • Technology Systems Integrator

Residential VoIP Service Providers

There are a few VoIP service providers in New York specializing in residential VoIP service only:

  • Himbe
  • NationPhone

Wholesale VoIP: Termination, DIDs, and More

A number of VoIP companies based in New York offer wholesale VoIP service such as origination, termination, or TDM to IP coding to other VoIP service providers in New York and elsewhere:

  • Broadband Telecom
  • Gafachi
  • Bridgevoice
  • NY Telecom
  • VoIP USA Inc (VUI)
  • InteleRoute Networks
  • Chase Empire
  • Global Ringer
  • R&R Managed Telecom Services
  • MegaTone Telecom
  • RateMax
  • General Telecom
  • Callvox
  • Accatel
  • American Callshop Corporation
  • Master Telecom
  • Tele-Connexions Communications

VoIP IVR Service Providers in New York

Another specialized set of VoIP service providers in New York are the companies that provide VoIP IVR services to businesses with call centers:

  • Plum Voice
  • IVR Technology Group

VoIP Consulting, System Design and Support Companies in New York

Other VoIP companies specialize in small business phone service solutions through consulting and evaluation. These VoIP companies will provide critical services such as needs assessment, network design, and phone system design and installation. These types of local New York VoIP service providers will make hardware recommendations, arrange for service from VoIP providers, and provide ongoing support for your company's business phone services.

  • Rel Comm
  • Cotel
  • DVI Communications
  • Inventa Group
  • IT Builders
  • NTI
  • Precision Interconnect
  • Tech Rep
  • IT Computer Support NYC