VoIP Providers in Philadelphia

There are a variety of VoIP providers in Philadelphia that specialize in telecommunication needs for residents, small businesses and large enterprises.

VoIP providers in Philadelphia are valuable for businesses that are looking for cost-effective phone services.

Selecting a local VoIP provider in Philadelphia has many benefits, such as on-site technical services, quick response time and a personalized business relationship. These advantages are possible because of their proximity, as well as their knowledge about the local business field.

Types of VoIP Providers in Philadelphia

Whether you are a Philadelphia business phone or residential phone customer, you will have to choose between two basic types of VoIP providers in Philadelphia: software and hardware-based VoIP systems.

Software-based VoIP (also known as a softphone) lets you makes calls directly from your computer.Hardware-based VoIP phone systems use regular phones, VoIP phones or mobile devices with an Internet connection. Classic hardware-based VoIP systems use a converter box, called an analog telephone adapter (ATA), to connect a phone to a broadband modem or router.

Features of VoIP Providers in Philadelphia

The best VoIP providers in Philadelphia will include an affordable unified communication system with integrated voice and data. In addition, VoIP providers in Philadelphia should include these standard features:

  • Voicemail
  • Caller ID, call waiting and call tracking
  • Video conferencing
  • Online system management
  • Low-cost international calls

How to Choose One of the Many VoIP Providers in Philadelphia

When selecting the right Philadelphia VoIP provider for your residential or business needs, first look at the type and frequency of calls you make, as well as compatibility with faxing and other equipment you may already have.

You need to also decide whether you want to keep your landline phone number or use virtual numbers, which are cheaper to buy.

Before finalizing details on the VoIP provider in Philadelphia you've chosen, read the fine print about hidden costs, trial periods and cancellation policies.

Examples of VoIP Providers in Philadelphia

There are a few VoIP providers in Philadelphia that specifically serve the local region.

  • Alteva is a one of the many VoIP providers in Philadelphia that serve businesses enterprises. They provide cloud-based hosted VoIP communications with emphasis on call control, vendor/phone bill consolidation, and scalability.

    Key features of Alteva's VoIP phone system:

    • Caller ID, call recording, call conferencing
    • Voicemail as email
    • Find Me/Follow Me
    • Voice messaging
    • Web call manager
    • Simultaneous and sequential ring
    • Remote office
    • Music on hold
  • Evolve IP is another VoIP provider in Philadelphia. They offer an enterprise-class hosted IP phone system called HPBX, which is a cloud-based IP PBX program.

    Features of HPBX:

    • Unlimited local and long distance service
    • Direct Inward Dial (DID) and Voicemail per user
    • Unified messaging (voice mail/fax in email)
    • Find Me/Follow Me
    • PC call control (click-to-dial)
    • Automated attendant
    • Call recording

There are also national companies with regional offices in the area. Some of these VoIP providers in Philadelphia include:

  • Expert Service Providers (ESP) is a provider of hosted PBX and business-quality VoIP.

  • Airband provides VoIP services for large enterprises on a fixed-wireless network, which is a way to avoid local fees and long installation times.

Other nearby Philadelphia VoIP providers that specialize in business VoIP phone services include:

  • Cavalier
  • CoreDial
  • Expert Technology Associates
  • Jomar
  • Phone America Corporation